Seven Seconds I Teaser [HD] I Netflix

In a society fraught with racial tension, sensational headlines, and an audience who would rather be entertained than informed, …

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  1. xskip
    xskip says:

    Seven Seconds is based on the 2013 Russian action movie The Major (Майор), written, directed by and starring Yuri Bykov and produced by Rock Films. It chronicles the aftermath of a Police Major accidentally running over a child and the cover up of the homicide.

  2. Serge Crevier
    Serge Crevier says:

    My cousin recommended that series.

    1 season, 10 episodes long, I said, ok, let's go! ( I'm a big fan of series, maybe more than movies )

    The story is one used so many times in past series/movies. Police corruption, racism, discrimination, etc.
    Reheated subject. ( Not saying that they do not exist in real life, au contraire! )

    I did not know any of the actors. They were pretty good & convincing.

    KJ, the attorney, I didn't like her at the beginning then liked her. Then hated her again & liked her again. On & off like that. Why? It's just the vibe she gave me. Her alcoholism maybe also. Not being able to function properly because of it. ( or maybe the fact that I encountered so many women of my past with this '' sickness ''. )

    Fish, the '' other cop '' is quite good. I liked him.

    The '' drama '' is quite heavy. Not a lot of action in this movie. All is cerebral & to the heart. The story is filled with emotions & pain, delivered very slowly, which is even more painful.

    The ending I did not like at all. It was a punch to the stomach & it felt like I watched this whole 10 hours series for nothing.

    All in all, not a bad series. Thumbs up from me still.


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