Silverton Siege | Official Trailer | Netflix

Silverton Siege is an action thriller inspired by true events of 1980 South Africa. A trio of freedom fighters get into a collision course with the state after a failed sabotage mission, which turns into a bank hostage standoff. This film is inspired by the real life incident that sparked the global ‘Free Mandela’ movement and features Thabo Rametsi, Noxolo Dlamini and Stefan Erasmus, and Arnold Vosloo.


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Silverton Siege | Official Trailer | Netflix

After a failed sabotage mission, a trio of anti-apartheid freedom fighters ends up in a tense bank hostage situation. Based on a true story.

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  1. Tshepang Tau
    Tshepang Tau says:

    Man talk about getting with the programme in terms of quality..I watched this movie today and it was GOLD.. every single actor and actress put in a shift. We want more… Gold acting and imagination, all the big genres you can think of .. Horror and heck even sci-fi (imagination)

  2. Ruhaani Gallan
    Ruhaani Gallan says:

    Day by day, week by week, year by year, decades by decades NETFLIX raising its standard by making great content I really do not have any idea that in future if any other plateform is gonna beat NETFLIX. GOD BLESS ALL WORKING WORK IN THIS WORLD.

  3. ydb gumede
    ydb gumede says:

    Dammn…well this is how I watch all my movies …I first check on youtube for views and this grabbed my attention with the 3.4m views and I knew it was fire and I thought it was a Hollywood movie, little di I know…I'm happy and proud.

  4. The Talking Saffa
    The Talking Saffa says:

    It's about time we show our heroes and heroines in their true light! The lie that has been told was that we begged, cried pleaded for freedom. Noooo, we fought! We come from a generation of fighters! I'm proud!


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