Six Feet Under Trailer (HBO)

Life, death and everything in between. From the creator of True Blood, all 5 seasons of Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under are available to watch with HBO NOW: Six Feet Under is an HBO drama series about the Fisher family that premiered in 2001, starring Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Richard Jenkins and Rachel Griffiths.

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  1. Kevin A
    Kevin A says:

    When I was young, around 6 years, I watched a funeral movie and have been searching for it for years. Strangely, I don’t remember if it was a series or a movie, but I remember it was very alike this movie. I’m watching hoping it’s the same movie, because I remember that experience being so strange, special, bittersweet, sad… . Now, some of the actors look eerily familiar, and I’m connecting the pieces the more I watch.

  2. Stacey Weber
    Stacey Weber says:

    This series is the best series I've ever watched hands down! It was life-changing for me. And I waited almost a year to watch the last episode because I did not want it to end I did not want to leave that family. The Fisher family

  3. Stacey Weber
    Stacey Weber says:

    I loved David so much,, that it made it impossible for me to watch more than three episodes of Dexter. And I know people love love Dexter but I just couldn't let go of David. Anyone else feel like that?

  4. Hol Bol
    Hol Bol says:

    Missing Dexter so much that I will prob watch this show all over again for a third time! I need more Michael C. Hall!!!! Six Feet Under and Dexter are probably tied for best series of all time!

  5. Paul D
    Paul D says:

    I'm no expert, but I think this show paved the way for the renaissance in cable television. At the time, and upon reflection, this show messed with my head. High drama. Well written. Tony Soprano should give thanks

  6. L G
    L G says:

    I'm a skeptic despite having had so many weird incidents I can't explain. More recently I had a dream my late aunt and my mom were on the phone as if she were still alive, and I came up to my mom and told her that she had had a visitation dream from my aunt. I woke up irl, fell asleep and dreamt again feeling and hearing my late aunt insisting that I tell my mom that she did actually have a recent visitation dream from my aunt.

    I woke up that morning and told my mom, very matter a factly btw, that my aunt had come to her in a dream lately, and she wanted me to confirm this dream with my mom. My mom confirmed that she did indeed dream about my late aunt recently, took a big sigh and changed the subject with a heavy heart… My mom was the last person to see my late aunt and her husband alive before they died in a car crash on the way home that night a few years ago.

    I suppose this recent incident really got me to thinking and I asked my husband out loud that I think it is time to seriously ask ourselves if the afterlife exists…That was this morning and since then, there have been nothing but articles talking about the afterlife which is why I was lead here to this show…

    I'm going to watch this series tonight and see if it gives me any answers. Peace and love to all!


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