Small Town Security | Premieres Thurs May 9 @ 10/9c

Tune in to the season premiere of Small Town Security, Thurs May 9 @ 10/9c

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  1. JackThelRipper
    JackThelRipper says:

    Omg not another fucking season really what a waste of money losers! He'll come make a season of me working in my shop fixing appliances and dealing with people who think they know what there talking about!

  2. T S
    T S says:

    This is disgusting and manipulative. We may not all be city slickers, but that doesn't mean we cant be your best friends!

  3. 91lilken
    91lilken says:

    thats exactly how i feel amc lost any chance of me watching this when they made me sit through it to see the breaking bad preview.if you look at the viewers for this season you will notice the viewers are only half of what it was when people only watched for the breaking bad preview


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