Sneak Peek: Episode 104: Into the Badlands: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons

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Into the Badlands:

42 replies
  1. Ray Watts
    Ray Watts says:

    The show was great tonight. The Walking Dead final was not all that. Yes! I have been there form the very beginning. 5A have been boring lately. I had to keep myself up b/c Into the Badlands was coming on. TWD had it's good moments but nothing Epic.

  2. Bunk Man
    Bunk Man says:

    This show is SOOO freaking CORNY! It's like watching the 1970's "Black belt theatre" on Saturday afternoon. BWAHAHAHAHA! The one story high backflips are just too much to stomach!

  3. Mai Collins
    Mai Collins says:

    I've been watching TWD since season 1 and am a huge fan, but wow, is it pathetic to see actual adults take the time to comment on the promo vids of a show they don't even watch to whine about the Talking Dead being moved back an hour. It's called DVR.

  4. Shelly Nun-Chucks
    Shelly Nun-Chucks says:

    I will be happy to get as many people as possible to interview from Into the Badlands. Had a great time talking with Matthew Wallace who worked on Into the Badlands for 20 days and said how great the star Daniel Wu was.

  5. Bella Pop
    Bella Pop says:

    @ everyone. I am a huge fan walking dead fan and I watch talking dead. And I do not hate this show. Walking dead fans are only annoyed because of the constant ads, the further time of talking dead, AMC telling us we have to watch 10 minutes of badlands to watch the sneak peek of the next episode of twd, and how they are using walking dead to get this show popular. LETS FACE IT walking dead is what's making this show get more viewers. BUT it is an okay show I must admit. The only thing I would like to mention is the unrealistic fighting and constant action. It gets confusing if you stop watching it for a few minutes and they don't really focus on the characters as much. I only know 3 character names on there so far. And walking dead fans are more into the characters and how they develop so that's why they probably aren't interested. Let's not create a feud between walking dead fans and badlands fans. We're both on AMC (the best) so let's just keep to our own shows and not hate.


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