Snow Globe: A Breaking Bad Short | El Camino

Todd (Jesse Plemons) finds the courage to reach out to his Breaking Bad co-conspirator Lydia (Laura Fraser) with a very important question.

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El Camino Short: Snow Globe

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37 replies
  1. MissOptical
    MissOptical says:

    Y'know, as horrifying as he is, I must say, Todd has impeccable aesthetic taste, at least and especially when it comes to interior design. I unironically love his whole apartment–that "pastel" paint, color scheme and all the decor we see, the bedroom, even the checkered placemats he was using while eating soup with Jesse in El Camino, I really want a set of those exact ones. Plus his driving music. His sensibilities regarding such things are interesting from a subtle characterization standpoint, as while his humble trailer-trash origins are evident in, for instance, the way he speaks, the chain smoking every time he's outside (probably just emulating Uncle Jack there, because why would someone with such a clearly low capacity to feel any anxiety smoke that much?) and his taste in food–the gross Campbell's soup lunch, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the dubious plate of whatever he was eating while watching Jesse's confession tape, pizza and beer, etc. (the man's a millionaire with a decent kitchen and he still eats like crap–cue the fat Todd jokes)–he obviously aspires to greater sophistication and refinement in his slightly naive image of what that actually entails. That's at the core of his infatuation with Lydia, as she seems to radiate the competent, confident intellectualism he admires (he also looks up to Walt for that reason, pretty much), and in his mind epitomizes and personifies that sense of elegance and urbanity he apparently wishes to surround himself with. Dare I say it, there's something weirdly endearing about that, and it parallels his earnestness to better himself overall as seen in his diligent eagerness to learn the Heisenberg cooking method.

    I mean, if you set the homicidal psychopathy and moral/emotional vacuity completely aside and just leave that out of the equation, one could come to find Todd rather lovable, in a strange but perhaps powerful way. He has a way of growing on you. His clumsily-smitten schoolboyish approach to romantic overtures is actually quite cute in the right light and would be flattering in itself (he's awestruck by her, literally rendered dumb by his infatuation), his steadfastly calm/even countenance provides a soothing, reassuring presence (provided that you're not on or in immanent danger of being on the wrong side of his gun barrel or belt), and the above along with his loyalty, alacrity to please and serve those he admires/desires the respect of is sweet. Even if, on the flip side, his vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired (to say the very least) and his ingrained intellectual capacity to learn complex concepts and procedures is obviously extremely limited. Now, I'm les and thus not really into guys, but hear me out here–imagine a girl Todd, a female version of Todd. Todd in every aspect of his character, just ported over, cloned into an equivalent female version/body/style (what would a female Todd's hairstyle be, I'm thinking a simple single braid haha, pioneer-style), like if Todd had a twin sister who was raised in exactly the same circumstances (including the red hair and acne, lol, same tastes, hobbies and habits, same exact personality traits, same quasi-childlike outlook and the same total lack of hesitance to shoot you where you stand in an instant if it's deemed pragmatically "necessary" for self-preservation). Oof, that's kinda hot, right–no, scratch that, EXTREMELY hot, scorchingly, hot af. I'm getting all tingly, hot and bothered just thinking about it. Oh my. That's…a thought.

    IDK, maybe I've watched way too many Todd videos here but I'm seriously thinking that if I were Lydia, I would've been very tempted to just go for it. As much of a mismatched odd couple as they might've seemed on the surface, they would've made a perfect match if you think about it–after all, neither of them really value human life in the slightest (except for her daughter, and how Todd conditionally values those around people he admires like Lydia and Walt), Lydia wants to whack anyone that she perceives as a threat without getting her hands dirty and Todd certainly has no problem doing that, she's uptight and presumably domineering and he goes with the flow and responds to authority, not to mention that their opposite extremes of default anxiety complement each other perfectly and would balance each other out nicely, as Todd could arguably use more prudent caution in his guidance and Lydia could learn to relax and see that every situation isn't necessarily perilous, a bit. I know she showed no genuine interest in him that way, but I do wonder if it may have eventually gone in that direction, if he would've eventually worn down her prickly defenses had Walt not returned and events unfolded differently (or "gone different and good", as Todd would say lol).

  2. Janson Shrock
    Janson Shrock says:

    Todd strikes me as the textbook example of somebody who was dealt a shit hand in the sense that he was raised to be despicable from the beginning. I always got the vibe from him that evil is all he knows, in a fucked up way it caused sympathy

  3. Sick Boy
    Sick Boy says:

    I've always found this kind of characters the most terrifying (having child/ancient hobbies, being "in love" but being shy and don't care about the blood in their hands). I don't know why, but I really find them creepy

  4. pousXB
    pousXB says:

    idk man i feel bad for Todd. at the end of the day he has no choice who he kills, if he disobeys he gets offed so he tries to be a proper human at least when he isn't 'on the job'.

  5. maxovrkll
    maxovrkll says:

    I actually kind of feel bad for him. His mind is so warped from his upbringing but he still attempts to get back into the normal social structure of society. His warped sense of loyalty is like a viscous dog, he is loyal to his family. When Walt kills them he doesn't act emotional, he just simply assumes Walt is in charge again not understanding freeing Jesse is the objective. What he did to his maid, horrifying, yet you can see he was raised to be merciless in the delusional way he explains it to Jesse, like he's repeating a well-learned lesson his uncle taught him.
    But what I do appreciate about his character is the cold-calculating he can be capable of. If he had worked for the mob doing painting he probably would have fit right in.

  6. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    1:21 he's recreating the destruction of the boy's body. He remakes scenes he's done/doing into the snow globes. Cocky bastard. Keeps the tarantula, his stash in the fridge so sloppy his maid finds it, and makes recreations of his crimes to '80's power ballads. He's too quiet to brag about himself, but he likes to keep tangible hints to remind himself. What an interesting case of a psychopathic character.

  7. Robert Hemfelt
    Robert Hemfelt says:

    One thing always bugged me about landline phones in movies: When the other person hangs up, it doesn't go to a dial tone. There's just a click and it goes silent. You have to hang up your end, then pick the line back up to get a dial tone.

  8. Chris V
    Chris V says:

    I feel like the song in the background isn’t getting enough love. It’s fucking hilarious and the way it blasts in the opening is chefs kiss. The fact that it’s a damn knockoff of Ordinary World by Duran Duran mixed with other power ballads of the 80’s makes it that much better.

  9. Chief2424
    Chief2424 says:

    Really wish Jesse plemons hadn’t put on 40 lbs between breaking bad and el Camino. Part of his disturbing charm was the fact that he looked like a high school all American boy, not a fat fuck with dad bod


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