Sophie: A Murder in West Cork | Official Trailer | Netflix

This three-part series examines one of Ireland’s most famous murder cases, the death of French producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier in the town of Schull, West Cork in 1996. The brutal murder, which shocked the country, triggered one of the biggest murder investigations Ireland had ever seen and became a national obsession. The documentary will chart the circumstances of her death, unravelling the extraordinary story from its beginning, 24 years ago to the present day. With exclusive access to Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s family, the series will bring together, for the first time, the views of her family with Ian Bailey, the man at the centre of the investigation.


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Sophie: A Murder in West Cork | Official Trailer | Netflix

A shocking murder in rural Ireland sets off an increasingly convoluted quest for justice that spans decades and cuts across national borders.

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  1. Fred Bloggs
    Fred Bloggs says:

    The guards are out in force, one of them is here and goes by Adam Hardcourt.

    Defo guard found his first reply and it smells of bacon, a bit of disinfo going on in comments, Adam is Jack Burton Sucks aswell. You can tell cause they reply to the same comment. so obvious.

  2. Revel Life
    Revel Life says:

    Whether or not Bailey is a killer he is still a human trash. What kind of man beats up the girlfriend brutally multiple time while pretty much depending on her for providing a roof over his head. But Jules is also very weak she should have left him long time ago instead of subject herself and her poor daughter to the traumatizing life with him. The latest news is she finally broke up with him this year and now he is worried that he will be homeless. For someone who is a narcissist and so grandiose, he is certainly very unaccomplished

  3. Jack Burton
    Jack Burton says:

    My buddy, Fred Bloggs & I (Jack Burton) have been giving everyone a hard time (commenting hundreds of times on multiple videos, having no life). We have decided to finally admit we are idiots who were wrong to fall in love with Ian Bailey. We also have came to terms that he is guilty of murdering Sophie. Sorry everyone.

  4. D
    D says:

    If we assume for a moment that Bailey is innocent then the only reasonable explanation for me is that there was a party ne t door at Alfie's on the Sunday. The topic of the French lady all by herself came up. Someone there might have gotten the spare key assuming Alfie had one. Somebody entered her house, then she fled the house down the driveway – not to Alfie's house. Why did he not feature at all in the documentary? Who was at his home Sunday night?

  5. Jory M
    Jory M says:

    So I just finished this documentary and for some reason I can’t get this case out of my head. There is something very earie about it. At first it came across as the locals pointing to Ian Bailey because he was a weirdo, an outsider and a maybe not so likeable person. It really came across as him being the scapegoat. For example the ‘howling at the moon stories’ lmao. But even the Marie Farrell story about being sure she saw him at 3 am when it’s pitch black outside, it’s almost impossible to know for sure it was Bailey. That’s just the truth and also doesn’t prove he’s the murderer.
    However what did make me start doubting was that he abused his partner (her face/head) and so severely she needed hospital stay. This gave me goosebumps and not the good kind. Also what about all the claims about him threatening the locals? Yet they all still live there together now like nothing happened? I’m so confused, it’s all just so strange!! I also thought, there has not been any other suspect, but it wouldn’t be the first time bad police work/circumstances make it so that they focus on one person alone. Then towards the end the family and friends of Sophie said they recalled her saying ‘a poet’ was coming over? Why did it take them 15 + years to remember that? I really hope this case will be solved, but I think the police (Garda) made so many mistakes the killer probably will never be caught. I also don’t understand the motive, there was no talk about that either. Sophie was not sexually assaulted, there was nothing stolen or even any evidence the killer had been IN the house. She just walked outside and was beaten to death. Bailey does also seem to have had a drinking problem , and agression, but is that a reason to randomly murder a woman you do not even know?

  6. Jory M
    Jory M says:

    Can somebody tell me what the accent of the lead detective is, the one they called ‘the Irish Colombo’. His accent is very different from all the other Irish people on the documentary.

  7. ep1phany62
    ep1phany62 says:

    Where the ‘f’ is the DNA evidence?
    Getting to the end of this program and it’s looking more and more like the Irish Police murdered her.
    How can you lose a ‘f’ing gate? Unless someone on the inside got rid of it?

  8. goaway
    goaway says:

    I think there's a possibility that there was no man on the bridge (why was Marie farrell on the bridge?) that night and marie farrell wasn't having an affair and was making up mystery French men following Sophie and mystery men on the bridge and only figuring out that she recognised "him" as Ian Bailey after Ian Bailey became a suspect and the talk of the area, then she kept changing all sorts of versions and reasons etc. She's unbelievably scetchy but was taken at face value as a lovely lady trying to help but afraid her husband would find out she was with another man, the guards were looking for a big bad boogey monster and she was star witness to blame a very obvious strange odd weirdo as the culprit. I think she made up shit to put blame away from herself. I don't know if she was jealous of Sophie or thought she was after her husband or in a relationship with her or what the hell kind of reason but I cant understand that even now why the guards aren't looking into the possibility of her as an actual suspect. And as for 2 wine glasses lol there's often more than one glass or cup on my sink just from me, it doesn't mean anyone else was there it just means you didn't clean them away. The whole investigation was a disaster and looking at the documentary made me cringe at how uneducated and backward some of the thinking was at the time.

  9. miraggg
    miraggg says:

    just like the investigation of the case undoubtedly was, this series was all over the place and I feel like I just wasted 3 hours of my life -_- ………also wtf.. towards the end they casually mention that the gate full of blood goes missing

  10. Bernadette Johnson
    Bernadette Johnson says:

    The murderer is the bloke that was last to see her he was obsessed with her and she rejected his advances, the ball fella at the start of this, it's so obvious if you watch murder at the Cottage episode 2about 35 minutes in he says he liked her a lot and he forgot himself and was just going to say when she rejected him but changed his words when he realised he nearly confessed

  11. TaariqKhan OfLegend
    TaariqKhan OfLegend says:

    The most ominous thing about this was that they say usually she was a very private person and saw the cottage as an escape, but before her death she had asked several close people to return with her but nobody was available. Also I am awestruck by what she might have seen that terrified her as her aunt described?! and then according to Irish folklore, if it possibly was the lady in white, basically an omen of death, an Irish person would never have allowed her to return back alone to her cottage that evening…however she didn't relate what she had seen to any Irish person afterward, instead visited with some friends who were not and returned alone to the cottage for the last time…very chilling.

  12. Marian Lenehan
    Marian Lenehan says:

    Great series Netflix. As murder was unheard of in Cork and the investigation was time sensitive, especially outdoors, why didnt the Dublin police use an army helicopter instead of enduring 6 hours of Irish Christmas traffic?! The Investigator in a white suit and gloves, smoking a cigarette lead me to believe that the police investigation was less than ideal…the missing gate confirmed it! It would have been really helpful if the series provided evidence that a murder had actually taken place. Throughout the series this was never explained. It was concerning when Sophie’s cousin said that Sophie had a very gothic side’ and a morbid interest in bodily fluids. She seemed to be obsessed with the graphic detail of animal/animal death. To me, it was so odd for her husband Daniel to say that he felt so guilty because he ‘wasn’t there when she died’! Surely, if he had been there, she wouldn’t have died! Right from the beginning I wondered what Marie Farrell was doing on Kilfada Bridge at 0300!!! Was Ian Bailey her mystery man?!
    Why did Arianna Boarina take so long to share the significant details she had?! You couldn’t wash a large wool coat without shrinking it and you certainly wouldn’t do that if you intended to burn it! I don’t think that there was any validity in the French court assuming that Marie Farrell’s first testimony was true, when she is known to have lied under oath in the Dublin court. It seems ironic that both Ireland and France are in the EU, but don’t recognise each other’s laws! Is Ian Bailey still British and, if so, how would that effect any extradition proceedings?! Has Brexit put a spanner in the wheel of justice? So many unanswered questions and so much pain and heartache for all who knew and loved this young woman.

  13. petros zakhariadis
    petros zakhariadis says:

    When the Irish police/detectives lost the whereabouts of a crucial piece of evidence, the "iron gate", I totally lost respect for their work right there on the spot. Who the hell loses a friggen fence ?? Seriously??

  14. Glitching & Horror_Home
    Glitching & Horror_Home says:

    stunning documentary and I can see y irish didn’t charge ian for murdering sofie bcz evidences were circumferences there r no damning evidences and the whole case is based on witnesses and one of the major witnesses changes her statements

  15. Belfast Gal
    Belfast Gal says:

    No murders ever happened in that area yet Bailey moves to Ireland, lived close by, had reportedly contacted Sophie (her French friend confirmed this to collaborate on his 'poetry') though said he didn't know her, had no alibi, confessed killing her to numerous people, had a history of violence against his ex partner Jules, knew key facts about the actual killing calling it a 'murder' before the police and other journalistic sources did (as evidenced by the timeline on the day of the murder itself), lights a huge fire outside the 'studio' with evidence of clothes being burned and on and on it goes….. these are facts. Lack of evidence doesn't mean innocence and in turn can't prove guilt. I don't think it will ever be solved. As for that Farrell woman, words fail me. RIP Sophie.

  16. Raul Ochoa
    Raul Ochoa says:

    I just finished watching this on Netflix ! I am angry that they never caught anyone ! The build up and knowing there’s no suspect ? It was obviously Ian Bailey he lied that he never met her ? And then the family the aunt admits that she spoke to her about a writer that she was going to meet? Ian confessing to multiple people that he killed her ! Ian Bailey never confessed it but he killed her !

  17. P Mc C
    P Mc C says:

    The Garda have been completely outgunned by a maniplulative narcissistic personality here, it is a crying shame for the deceased, the family and the people of the West Cork region.

  18. coura mrg
    coura mrg says:

    Look Ian Bailey in the face when he explains about killing the turkey. Watch his facial expressions and his gestures. He is lying. There is only one reason why. He killed Sophie.

  19. mattias fäldt
    mattias fäldt says:

    Looks like a contract murder to me. No crime scene traces or DNA. Rarely could a murderer without the right knowledge of forensics be able to do this or have any experience. They will probably have to look in France for those who ordered or gave orders

  20. Deepika
    Deepika says:

    There are many things visible here.
    1 is what was marie farell doing at middle of the night? and her testmonials changed after 10 years. Maybe she was also part of this murder otherwise why was she calling from somewhere else to police station? she was definetly hiding smthg which she knew.
    2nd idknw if u guys have watched the netflix series MINDHUNTER ; there one of the serial killer tells them that the murderer will go back to crime sight. Same like that he have went there and for why? He diverted the case for him to get some more time by saying the killer was from france or by her husband..also it is weird that he knew alot of information about her. Y sophie went to ireland alone. Being a freelancer journalist i believe he was stalking sophie for some reasons. maybe he wanted smthg frm here or maybe he didnt had any purpose than getting her attention since he loves attention. He learned that sophie liked dark romantics which included body fluids,blood and stuff maybe he thought he can pursue her.. He was tracking her. He knew she lived alone and he knew she was separated with her husband and he maybe thought even if he kills her it will go as homicide where u can easily target the husband because he is well known in his career, financial issue, wife having a house, money and anybody can easily come up with by saying tht he hired a hitman. But in reality it was not. Bailey knew many things tht others didnt knew about it. and the DDP is not questioning that? His confession to many ppl and the jacket is a big clue but still thy cant arrest him. It is so absurd tht u do a crime so easily nd living free. He can be innocent since we dont want any innocent to get hurt.. But all the witness,testimonials , proofs dsnt stand with his side. and we all want justice for sophie and her family.

  21. Brian McGinley
    Brian McGinley says:

    178 comments from an account called jack burton. Can you guess who that is?

    Look at other videos on this case on YouTube. You will see obsessive comments from Random and Jack Burton accounts. In some cases, ironically they say they actually did it and were in fact ian bailey.

    They have a John Wayne state of mind, a John Wayne gacy state of mind that is.

    Did You see Sophie family over Christmas challenge bailey for the number of times he has changed is story…. including changing where he was the night before the murder the night of the murder and the morning of the murder…..

    Who else would have the time to monitor all videos and comment on them other than an unemployed bum who's hubris is going to get him caught….

  22. Random
    Random says:

    Looks like the cold case team are not making the same mistake as the original idi0t detectives who tried to pin it on Ian Bailey. It also makes this biased Netflix documentary look ridiculous too! At least somebody is now bothering to investigate other suspects.

    From the December 2022 news:

    "Gardai are looking at a number of possible new suspects over the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

    One is a French speaking individual who was spotted in a Kerry pub the night after her murder with marks and scratches on his face. A suspicious barman at the time in Cahirciveen reported him to the local Gardai and he was questioned before being eventually let go.

    It later emerged that this person was the spitting image of an individual who was spotted by shopkeeper Marie Farrell following Sophie, 38, around Schull village, west Cork, in the afternoon before she was killed on the night of December 23, 1996. The man speaks fluent French but is from another European country. He also used a rented car which had false number plates. Gardai have the name of the man following Sophie and an address for him in France.

    But it is also understood Gardai are also pursuing a connection between the tragic filmmaker and two other French men who lived in West Cork, although the men themselves are not suspects. The pair were hiding out in the isolated rural area after receiving death threats from a French criminal gang. It is understood that Sophie had met the men while she was in Ireland and Gardai are investigating whether she was targeted because of her friendship with them."


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