Soulmates: Series Premiere Trailer (Director’s Cut) | AMC

Get an extended look at six different stories about the price you pay to find true love.

Premieres Monday, October 5 10/9c. Stream early on AMC+.

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Soulmates Season 1 Trailer (Director’s Cut)

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26 replies
  1. D W
    D W says:

    The camera is so shaky I couldn't make it through the first episode. Anyone else get a headache trying to watch it? Sucks, I was looking forward to it but had to stop watching 7 minutes in. Couldn't get into the story because the camera movement was the only thing I noticed. Please tell me it stops at some point.

  2. Alyse H
    Alyse H says:

    To JBozz I'm sorry you hate Black Gay Men who love who they want to love. you blocking me from your post doesn't stop me from talking. It's clear you hate yourself as a black man and want other to fall under your dated ideals. Stay in the past and be left behind. The rest of us will move on, happy leaving you behind mad that you didn't adjust to a new narrative!

  3. Taylor Buice
    Taylor Buice says:

    I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and I like where this is headed so far. It really messes with the morality of “soulmates” and how that idea can be utilized. Are soulmates truly meant for each other? How does this idea affect the people around us? Is it worth it? How can it be utilized? It’s extremely interesting. I like looking at it from a philosophical perspective. I can’t wait to watch more!

  4. NateSanti
    NateSanti says:

    There is a foreign show (might be French) like this on Netflix, slightly different but looks to be similar. That show was really good, so if this is based from that show I expect this to be really good as well. I will check this out. Also, I highly recommend the Netflix show, it was so good.

  5. Brittney S
    Brittney S says:

    This was such a good series. I loved Nikki & Franklin in episode 1, I was crying by the end of the episode. I loved all of the characters. The last episode I loved. Nathan was hot.


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