Spartacus: Uncut | Blood and Sand Trailer | STARZ

The Spartacus Saga: Uncut, with extended episodes, is coming to STARZ beginning October 26th at 10pm ET/PT.

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A Thracian warrior forced into slavery, Spartacus became the gladiator known as the Bringer of Rain. After losing his wife Sura and thirsty for vengeance, he led the gladiators in an uprising to escape the ludus and would eventually defeat the legions of Gaius Claudius Glaber and slayed the Roman praetor. Now, Spartacus has amassed an army in the thousands. He knows he is not only responsible for the lives of every man, woman, and child in his rebellion but also for continuing to inspire them to fight for freedom from oppression and stand up against the mighty Roman Republic.

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Spartacus | Uncut Trailer | STARZ

35 replies
  1. Viviana Flores Muñoz
    Viviana Flores Muñoz says:

    can anybody tell me how this show is gonna work? I'm not sure if they're gonna repeat the series week after week or if it's gonna be a marathon of one or two days. HEEEELP!

    alguien puede explicarme como va a funcionar este show? no sé si repetirán la serie semana tras semana o si será una maraton de uno o dos dias. AYUDAAA.

  2. Budmeister
    Budmeister says:

    AFAIK, on each Saturday of each week, they'll be releasing 3 new episodes each with bonus features. I'm not too sure about the times, seeing as I don't even have access to Spartacus on my TV.


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