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Learn more about Spartacus (played by Liam McIntyre) and how his character evolves this season.
Spartacus: Vengeance premieres on Jan 27th at 10pm on STARZ

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Following the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus, the gladiator rebellion descends upon the Roman Republic. Gaius Claudius Glaber and his troops are tasked with crushing the rebels, and Spartacus must choose between avenging the death of his wife and making sacrifices that will keep his army together. Containing all the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, villainy and heroism that distinguishes the series, “Spartacus: Vengeance” resumes the story in epic fashion.

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Spartacus | Character Profile: Spartacus | STARZ

38 replies
  1. Ted Kord
    Ted Kord says:

    I doubt that. He got his ass handed to him in episode 8 by ashur's mercenaries if that guy and crixus from the last fight in episode 8 were to fight again, then this would cause some anxiousness in me. cuz like those mercenaries are tough…but…GLADIATORS ARE TOUGHER!

  2. Jack Leyland
    Jack Leyland says:

    Still, in gladiator, Maximus was by far the better Warrior than Commodus, but he used a poison before the fight, so who is to say glabur wont do something similar, its obvious spartacus has to die at some point but whats not obvious is who is going to kill him.

  3. icebr8ker1
    icebr8ker1 says:

    Actually no one knows when Spartacus died, the battle where history says he may have been killed, no body was recovered, because of the number of bodies on the battle field, so his death was never proven.

  4. Lucentis
    Lucentis says:

    well oenamaus and crixus have been kinda out of form, the first due to the fact that he's been training for a long time and not actually fighting in the arena, crixus due to the continuous injuries and thoughts on naevia, while spartacus has never stopped fightin ever since he destroyed the ludus, hes been fighting trained roman troops while also bein a tactician

  5. Lucentis
    Lucentis says:

    best warriors arent the bigger ones but the faster ones. no matter how big a guy is a straight hit to the neck or head always gets the job done, no matter how bulky u r, u can never grow muscles on ur head

  6. Tombstone Dreams
    Tombstone Dreams says:

    Spartacus could have easily killed the Egyptian and saved Onemeaus from dying. but he didn't. he let the Egy[tian live. Did you see the Finale last night?? The Egyptian is badass but SPARTACUS won easy!!!!

  7. AverageAsianDude
    AverageAsianDude says:

    i havent watched yet since im from the uk and the episode wont come out until monday but from what ive heard the egyptian had to fight 2 guys at the same time. if they are pitted 1vs1 i think the egyptian wouldve got a decent shot against spartacus

  8. Superman Ndango
    Superman Ndango says:

    i agree i cant help but think if theokles and the egyptian had lived and joined spartacus but that wouldve been overkill , but what i like to imagine are the badassess villian from each season pitted to fight each other, theokles frm blood and sand, the egyptian from vengeance and cabarus from gods of the arena all set to fight in a primus . that would truly be EPIC

  9. JD
    JD says:

    Spartacus is a strong Gladiator, but just because he is the main character, does not mean he is the strongest. I doubt he could beat the Egyptian. My money would be on Gannicus, Oenomaus or Crixus *again*.

  10. Guilherme Lopes
    Guilherme Lopes says:

    in my opinion Ganicus is the best of the rebelion. Crixus only won the fight against him(in the season "gods of the arena") because ganicus wanted to loose because of melita. and in "spartacus vengence" when spartacus fights ganicus, ganicus clearly whould have won if the fight was to the death. thumbs up if you agree

  11. viking284
    viking284 says:

    I think the producers of this series would be wise to create a second series. The story of how Marcus Crassus was defeated, Beheaded and had molten gold poured into his mouth to signify his greed would be a compelling series. The additional stories of Pompey being beheaded while cowering in Egypt from Caesar's Army and Caesar himself being stabbed to death by Brutus would be extremely complimentary to the Spartacus series.

  12. Aedrion
    Aedrion says:

    I think the Egyptian would inflict many wounds on Theokoles but like you said, his main strength is shrugging off pain… oh and wielding two greatswords at the same time. So my guess is Theokoles would kill him eventually, with maybe a bunch of fine scars to add to his collection.

  13. David hansen
    David hansen says:

    Hes bad for the role? he doesnt look like a "Badass"? well, he wasnt he was a man with a big heart and not some sort of monster atleast how Starz potray him, why make him look like one? I think he fits perfect into the role.

  14. Captain Pike-a-chu
    Captain Pike-a-chu says:

    Ha, all the whiners and haters against Liam and those who say the show won't last, guess they were wrong, but of course, haters are always lame and wrong – Liam is wonderful and he brings a great presence as Spartacus

  15. wayne weisensee
    wayne weisensee says:

    I like that Liam McIntyre made the Spartacus of seasons 2 and 3 his own, he brought a different kind of presence to the character rather than instead of trying to purely copy off of Andy Whitfields phenomenal performance, as he knew it would be a disservice to the now passed actor, though he still wanted to live up to him. They both played the same character and they both made him their own. That is something that I especially like about the character going forward.


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