Spartacus: Vengeance | Episode 7 Preview | STARZ

Preview of Episode 7 “Sacramentum”

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Following the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus, the gladiator rebellion descends upon the Roman Republic. Gaius Claudius Glaber and his troops are tasked with crushing the rebels, and Spartacus must choose between avenging the death of his wife and making sacrifices that will keep his army together. Containing all the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, villainy and heroism that distinguishes the series, “Spartacus: Vengeance” resumes the story in epic fashion.

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Spartacus | Vengeance Episode 7 Preview | STARZ

23 replies
  1. tim villasenor
    tim villasenor says:

    @SirNickOfMatte I saw season 1 again, there is one part right b4 spartacus goes to the pitts, and ashur trys to take that little piece of fabric from spartacus that belonged to his wife. spartacus flips shit, ashur calls him a bitch i believe

  2. tim villasenor
    tim villasenor says:

    Gannicus is a fucken beast not taking shit from nobody always doing his own thing. He should take Spartacus position and they make spartacus a general and call the show Gannicus. Crixus a beast to

  3. x TheMadTitan
    x TheMadTitan says:

    @isharted100 I totally agree bro. People on here all have hard dicks for Gannicus, and I mean he is a fucking beast, but I guarentee Crixus could best him by now, almost did before Gannicus gave up. That " Thracian Bitch " is the baddest gladiator, and yes, if anyone of them could best Spartacus, it would probably be Oenemeous.

  4. mgplayerable
    mgplayerable says:

    @Kitsurekei and he let that gay barca be killed by batiatus
    o yea and he killed his best friend in the arena. whahahahaah
    ahahahaa.first he wipped his eye out off course. then he killed him :p

  5. florians channel
    florians channel says:

    Gotta love the Moment Spartacus and Oenemaus show up at the brawl and clean up the mess.
    Also some strange german "tounge" those new guys talk(i.t.o. pronounciation, grammar), i wonder if this was on purpose.

  6. Derp McDerping
    Derp McDerping says:

    I laughed so hard when Spartacus cut that guy's face off at the end. I mean, come on. You could cut someone everywhere, but his fucking FACE? This show is fucking awesome in so many ways.

  7. Tom D
    Tom D says:

    just watched all of this and i am just wondering if it is goin 2 be the last spartacus or is there goin 2 be a new 1 in time ???

  8. tamika jackson
    tamika jackson says:

    This tells a story on how the Romans would use the Cruifix Cross on it's citizens before Christ preached to the Jews of his Covenant. The Romans would use the Cruifix Cross on anyone who opposed Roman Laws and the Romans gave Christ a THORN CROWN upon the Roman Cruifix Cross and the Earth shook upon Christ death and he was Ressurrected.

  9. tamika jackson
    tamika jackson says:

    Christ was flipping over tables in the Roman Catholic Church about not buying or selling on the Sabbath day Saturday in the Temple.Christ Opposed Roman laws and the Romans Crucified him like this woman but Christ was Ressurrected.


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