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Spartacus: War of the Damned Trailer.

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Gaius Claudius Glaber is dead. The rebellion has swelled to thousands of freed slaves, and Spartacus, alongside his generals Crixus, Gannicus and Agron, prepares for war with Rome.

The Roman Senate turns to Marcus Crassus, a wealthy, strategic politician, for aid. With a young Julius Caesar as an ally, Crassus must crush the rebellion.

The epic conclusion of a legendary journey, “Spartacus: War of the Damned” unleashes a battle unlike anything ever seen before.

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Spartacus | War of the Damned Trailer | STARZ

46 replies
  1. Victor Manoel
    Victor Manoel says:

    Cara a melhor série que vi na vida, como isso pode acontecer de acabar na 3ª temporada? isso e absurdo, esse seriado e perfeito, mais o final da terceira e descepcionante, eles tinham que ter ganhado a guerra e destruido roma e libertado todo mundo da escravidão, e foda fiquei triste por todo mundo ter morrido no final, sacanagem…

  2. A203D
    A203D says:

    If they do another version of Spartacus, I think they should set it in a dystopian future. That way they could incorporate all the themes and intricate drama of the series, yet give us a completely different artistic vision. A vision where Spartacus is victorious in the end.

  3. Ghassan Al-Ghasoni
    Ghassan Al-Ghasoni says:

    A lot of lies about the this history Crassus fought Spartacus in individual fight and Cesar who bring him in the battle he never raise a sword he was Quaestor in charge of financials and funds of the army in this war  , the Roman army who invade most land picture him like cartoon solders put the real story the history without flavor of Kratos , Crassus  have two sons one Marcus Licinius Crassus he served under command of Cesar and the other Publius Licinius Crassus who killed by Persian  Parthians Empire with his father 

  4. Speed Racer
    Speed Racer says:

    This show was awesome and this last season had some great battles . What got me was each week they would think of a new way to chop someone up . It was a super bummer when star Andy Whitfield died after the first season .

  5. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    For those looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.


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