Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Launch Trailer

Get ready for the most epic Spider-Man game to date with this extensive preview of “Shattered Dimensions,” complete with your first look at some new villains and gameplay!


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  1. z
    z says:

    When I was young I used to watch my brother play it and he also let me play it sometimes. It used to be my favorite game, and it still is to this day. Even though I never played through the story I just played a few missions. Then my brother sold the game and now I can’t find it anywhere. I really want to play it so, if anyone knows where I can find it or if I can even play it on ps4 please tell me.

  2. Cyrax
    Cyrax says:

    Before Spider-Man PS4 was Shattered Diemonsions. Before Shattered Diemonsions was Web of Shadows. Before Wed of Shadows was Spider-man 2001.

    Im Stealth – PS4.

    Im Speed – Shattered Diemonsions.

    Im Agility – 2001.

    Im Power – Web of Shadows.

  3. potatomaster7
    potatomaster7 says:

    I remember when I first found YouTube I immediately searched “cool Spider-Man game” after scrolling I found a let’s play for this game, and that was the first YouTube video I ever watched , almost 7-8 years ago

  4. crazysaturn080
    crazysaturn080 says:

    Shattered dimensions of time and web of shadows are real pricey now with Activision not working with spiderman games anymore so make sure it's in good shape before buying it used for 80-120 dollars non the less have fun


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