‘Spirituality of Synths’ Season Finale BTS | HUMANS

The cast and creators discuss how spirituality affects Synth’s relationships with humanity and the shocking identity of the Synth …

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  1. Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez says:

    2:51 I wonder if they also felt sad for not completing Fred's story arc ……
    Like seriously am I the only one disappointed the show writers were too vague with Fred's journey and that they never gave him a comeback or any important purpose …..
    I was hoping the character would fight alongside his family but he never did and I assumed that he was supposed to return in season 4 if they decided to continue the show ……. Or perhaps the actor got fired or he had quit but either way, it is such a shame that Fred was also part of Leo's family but the show writers did nothing with his character ……. Like why have a character if he was not going to serve any purpose to the story ……..


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