Spriggan | Official Trailer | Netflix

All six episodes of the Netflix Series Spriggan start streaming Saturday, June 18, 2022, only on Netflix!

Fight for the future of mankind.

A great civilization once existed on this Earth. Possessing knowledge and scientific prowess far exceeding that of modern man, the relics of this ancient civilization remain hidden across this world even now.
As high-speed communications networks cover the globe and the peering eyes of satellites are able to expose all secrets, the armies of great nations clash as they seek to uncover and research these artifacts, which possess an unfathomable “power.”
A member of this ancient civilization carved a message into a plate: “Protect our relics from evil-doers.” Taking this message to heart, one organization aims to seal away this ancient civilization for good.
The elite secret agents of this organization are known as… Spriggans.
The legendary comic which took the 1990s by storm has been vividly reimagined in 2D animation and 3D CG! Reborn after over 30 years, experience an authentic adventure series packed with intense action scenes and a love of ancient civilizations!

Based on the manga written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa (published by Shogakukan in “Shonen Sunday Comics”)

Netflix Series “Spriggan”

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Spriggan | Official Trailer | Netflix

An ancient civilization’s relics on Earth hold dangerous powers — it’s up to ARCAM Corporation’s Spriggan agents to keep them out of the wrong hands.

36 replies
  1. Turdbo Mitch
    Turdbo Mitch says:

    Imo, the movie was far better. It had more weight and depth then the series. The characters felt human and flawed, the story felt dark and mysterious. The series feels hollow and generic.

  2. BJORN Artist
    BJORN Artist says:

    This is all kinds of awesome, shades of everything but it feels like its own thing with a simple concept and legs for days.
    Fan of the old film and this is pleasantly surprising, bunch of fun.
    All the more, please.

  3. Larsen
    Larsen says:

    Looked up on my shelf with my old anime when i saw this on netflix just to make sure i saw right, yep its Spriggan alright.
    Good to see a classic remade, and not in a bad way as they 99% of the time do.

  4. Dean Spradling
    Dean Spradling says:

    YOU TURNED A HANDDRAWN MASTERPIECE INTO A CGI FILLED PIECE OF SHIT. This is why I hate modern anime. Nothing will ever be as beautiful as hand-drawn animation it just looks awful.

  5. P7 Edits
    P7 Edits says:

    I was having some hope for this but it is a self-righteous turdfest with some random civilian company taking ownership over "artifacts" while the writers shit on all other nations except Japan. Namely making the USA evil AF and Russia not far behind by episode 2 which is really clear. The concept is solid, likable characters but the bigotry in the writing is clear. Oh well, par for Netflix's leftist mindset.

  6. Zappas Bappas
    Zappas Bappas says:

    Spriggan is the most Metal Gear an anime can ever get. It's over the top nonsense sprinkled in epic action coating. Its just like Vegeta once said about broly (in tfs) Hes so cool, but he's so dumb, but hes so cool…


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