Start of Production | Step Up Season 3 | STARZ

We know you’ve been waiting. Here’s your first look at Step Up Season 3 coming to #STARZ! Happy #InternationalDanceDay!


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36 replies
  1. christopher brooks
    christopher brooks says:

    The actor that plays Tal will not be in the new season, the guy with the braids is playing Tal in season 3. Don't know if I will be able to adjust to the replacements…. not going to be the same show.

  2. De’Andre Cone
    De’Andre Cone says:

    Idk.. I feel like if you were gonna fill in Naya Riveras role.. I feel like y’all should of asked Cassie because is very similar to Naya as far as size, Height, and Attitude.. No Shade to Christina Milian but I feel like Cassie would have pulled it off.. RIP Naya Rivera

  3. YamiJai
    YamiJai says:

    I swear this show better come out before the end of the year what’s taking so long for this show to come out? I’ve been so hyped that Starz picked it back up but this wait is just taking forever we’ve already had so many shows go finish their seasons on Starz all year P-Valley is just about to finish it’s second season in a few weeks and Power Book 3: Raising Kanan Season 2 comes out this Sunday yet we’re still waiting on this show I know covid effected it heavy but I’m pretty sure filming all editing is all done so what’s taking so long all I can think of is all the time slots are full so they’re trying to figure out when to release it I just want a release date and new trailer already


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