Starz: Party Down Trailer

Follow these engaging wannabes as they wait on guests while waiting on something better to come along. The series premieres Friday, March 20th at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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  1. Erik Van Rent
    Erik Van Rent says:

    I just watched the last episode, sigh, I just feel sad knowing there won't be an other season of it. This show is great, a lot better than other so called comedy shows that are on. but I guess the good die young…

  2. cljohnston108
    cljohnston108 says:

    @ccsrobot When I was first watching Veronica Mars, I was counting all the guest stars who'd been on Rob Thomas' previous show, Cupid (with Jeremy Piven & Paula Marshall).
    Also, it seems Rob's also a fan of the Christopher Guest films, because Jane Lynch & Ed Begley, Jr. are in all of those, too.

  3. OriginalKotomik
    OriginalKotomik says:

    They just made 2 seasons, in a couple of days you will watch it entirely, there are just 20 episodes about half an hour each one. The series is tremendously funny, uses that realistic awkward humor like The Office or Arrested Development but in a more rude fashion. Its worth watching and at the end you will wish that they have not cancelled it. It could been a classic.

  4. Nick Jasper
    Nick Jasper says:

    The ultimate irony of this show is that the characters were just caterers until something bigger and better came along… at that’s exactly what happened to some of the cast… they left this show to do bigger and better things. Jane Lynch even made a mention of it: “as actors we rotate in and out of jobs, just like the caterers.”

  5. Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez says:

    Would’ve been a hit had it been broadcast on any other network. No offense to starz but it’s a damn shame I’m barely discovering this show. Granted I was a kid when it released but the point stands I think.


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