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Sunny days, furry friends, classic songs, and a whole lot of heart.
Street Gang, an HBO original documentary about the most impactful children’s program in television history, Sesame Street, premieres December 13 on HBO Max.

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31 replies
  1. Rigel Chiokis
    Rigel Chiokis says:

    I salute everyone who has ever been involved with Sesame Street. My younger sister and I are two of the original Sesame Street kids. We found the show on tv the year it premiered and we loved it!

  2. AtomicSpid
    AtomicSpid says:

    It’s amazing that it’s still teaching kids after 50+ years. Besides The Wiggles and Bear in the Big Blue House, Sesame Street was a big part of my childhood (and millions of others) being an early 2000s baby.

  3. Patient Zero
    Patient Zero says:

    Hey Republicans: don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!!
    You may not agree with Big Bird but don’t disregard ALL of Sesame Street!
    Same goes for your neighbors, friends, spouse, employe, etc… you may not agree with everything Dem’s think but you don’t have to devalue them as humans just because they disagree. There is always hope that we may see eye to eye!

  4. Mario Babbo
    Mario Babbo says:

    Even kids shows such as The Wiggles, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Thomas The Tank Engine, Veggietales and Blues Clues have been influential in children’s television while others such as Barney, Dora and more have sinned.

  5. Hans Christian Brando
    Hans Christian Brando says:

    Its heart was in the right place, but did it actually work (as iconic entertainment, without doubt) or did it subvert its purpose by trivializing education? Like its arguable descendants "Electric Company" and "Schoolhouse Rock," the kids remembered the cartoons and the jokes and the zany characters and the catchy songs, but we've had at least one generation so far graduating high school unable to spell or perform more than the simplest arithmetic without mechanical aid.

  6. Michael Scott
    Michael Scott says:

    We now have a new and young discourteous generation of youngsters who grew up minus a "Sesame Street" and minus a " Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". The end product to society is discouraging at best.

  7. joebove4
    joebove4 says:

    I just watched this this morning, both because I myself grew up on Sesame Street and because my nearly two-year old son loves it now. This was a wonderful look back at the beginnings and really shining a light on the people who made it what it is.

    My only disappointment is that while Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Carroll Spinney got their just dues, I can’t help but notice that Richard Hunt and Jerry Nelson didn’t even get a mention let alone get discussed. I’ve long felt like they’re the great unsung heroes of the Muppets, and they deserve more praise than they get.

  8. Julio Espin
    Julio Espin says:

    Sesame Street became everything they did not want to be. It's been gentrified and looks more like a neighborhood in Park Slope as opposed to the inner city kids that live in the Bronx (which I was one of them).

  9. Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
    Kenneth D. Aston Jr. says:

    WOW I am 57 yrs old and remember when my mom, a school teacher, sat me in front of the TV to watch "Sesame Street" that was in 1969 on Channel 12 WHYY PBS in Philadelphia PA. I am still a fan of PBS and "Sesame Street"


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