Student Athlete (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

A billion dollar industry, but the players pay the price. From producers Maverick Carter and Steve Stoute and executive producer LeBron James, HBO Sports presents Student Athlete, a documentary revealing the exploitative world of high-revenue college sports.
Premiering October 2 at 10 PM on HBO.

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21 replies
  1. QuietStormX
    QuietStormX says:

    Yeah Student Athlete? Collage & Basket Ball… Coaches and everyone else gets paid than them and Future than these Kids.. I feel they would be better in Baseball with their skills and gifts for a longer Pro Career..

    K BINBIGD says:

    LeBron James was never a college student-athlete. The NBA screwed up college basketball with their rule that you have to play one year of college basketball before playing in the league.

  3. Cigs Ace
    Cigs Ace says:

    Student athletes get paid big-time! Most get full -ride scholarships which include tuition, lodging, meals, books & lab expense, and even tutoring services. The problem isn't with the school, it's with the parents raising these "student" athletes and their lack of emphasizing the importance of the education (as opposed to the sport). When did going to college become the next step to becoming a professional athlete?

  4. mike lyles
    mike lyles says:

    The fact that “student Athletes” can’t even benefit from their own likeness. Is messed up.
    Really NCAA getting away with robbery. The are athletes 1st students 2nd

  5. Humzah Hassan
    Humzah Hassan says:

    Tru they do get fucked over these athletes especially the ones who are poor should be given a stipend but not a salary cuz then u have to pay the other sports. Plus at certain schools u can only do certain majors but it’s ur job to make sure the school u go to has the major u want to do and that coach will let u do. Often times these guys get caught up with playing in the league that they get forget about education. Not saying they aren’t screwed over because they should be able to paid for getting their jerseys signed or they should get a stipend to put gas in their car. But if u pick a school just for football what do u expect is going to happen

  6. Nick M
    Nick M says:

    Watched this. What a load of SH*T. But no surprise coming from huge lefty radical Lebron James.
    1. These athletes are not slaves. They have the CHOICE to go play college sports. No one is forcing them to play (Last time I checked slaves didn't have a choice).
    2. If they chose to pursue a shot at the pros over an education that is their CHOICE. They are just as capable of taking out Student loans just like the rest of the 99% of the college population. OR, they can CHOOSE to commit more to school than sports.
    3. The most laughable part of this whole thing, especially coming from Liberal Lebron James, the fact that the film discusses only MENS College basketball and football…. So let me get this straight Lebron…. you want to just pay men's basketball and football collegiate athletes… what about women's Basketball, women's hockey, women's volleyball, etc… Just screw all female sports because they don't draw in the same amount of revenue? Doesn't sound like a very liberal way of thinking to me… Not to mention ALL the other sports that are in the collegiate realm. There have been countless studies that show that it is IMPOSSIBLE to pay all division 1 athletes across the nation even with the large amount of money Division 1 athletics pulls in annually.
    And this isn't to say I don't think this kids aren't worked to death…. because they are and i have seen it first hand. But the athletes love the game and once again, can walk away at any point in time.
    The only part of this whole awful film i agree with is that players should be able to benefit from their likeness (autographs, selling merchandise, etc… )

    Add it to the list of reasons I cannot stand Lebron James.


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