Succession: Season 2 Episode 10 Promo | HBO

Take a look ahead at Succession Season 2 Episode 10. Episodes of Season 2 are available to stream on HBO. #HBO #SuccessionHBO
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Succession tracks the lives of the Roy family as they contemplate their future once their aging father (Brian Cox) begins to step back from the media and entertainment conglomerate they control.

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Succession: Season 2 Episode 10 Promo | HBO

29 replies
  1. Awagel
    Awagel says:

    Logan really punching his kids in this episode. Kendall gotta be the face, Shiv gotta sway the bitch, Roman gotta close the deal. I feel bad for Tom because he really did his best in that situation and people still look at him as a fuck up. I mean he gotta up the antics if he want to survive in the game, I can get past that but the fact that he covered for Greg and Greg only cared about himself is just beyond me. Connor and Greg are the true wild card here, I can't predict where they are going next!

  2. NateSanti
    NateSanti says:

    Right now this is the best show on TV! But, writers please let me know now if 5 seasons from now you're going to kill or imprison everyone off and make Greg the ceo. I don't have the energy to dedicate years of excited anticipation only to be led too a great DISAPPOINTMENT.

  3. JustMe
    JustMe says:

    When I think Logan can't be more piece of shit, he hits me and says "Surprise Motherfucker"
    Btw kudos to the Roy kids they really stepped in this episode. Kendall killed those old men.

  4. Grerty22
    Grerty22 says:

    Logan is going to set Kendall up to take the fall, and Kendall will learn that the only reason he saved him last year was so that he would be the fall guy for this. I think we'll learn that Logan killed one of the girls, possibly accidentally or she fell off the ship escaping his advances, and this is why he was so unfazed with Kendall. Then, finding out that his dad was just using him this whole time, Kendall awakens and ultimately sinks Logan, and also confesses for his involvement in the accident in Scotland and they both go to prison happily ever after

  5. hatice güç
    hatice güç says:

    the part here where roman says "lets get party started" . is it published or cut. i feel like i didnt see that part. there is this photo where roman shiv and kendall sit and talks with this clothes but i cant find it in the episode


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