Succession: Season 3 | Episode 8 Promo | HBO

“This is bigger than anything you’ve ever contemplated.”

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21 replies
  1. Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik says:

    Shiv Character arc is absurd. Seems like the writers forget that the viewers know how the characters were in the previous seasons. It's mind boggling really. I love the season. The acting is top notch, except again-Shiv. Roman's love affair with Gerri was also un-necessary. That as it may be, Ken and Logan keep trying to pull it off.

  2. Magz
    Magz says:

    Prediction: mum's wedding is a total shitshow, and Ken works with Lisa to turn himself into the Scottish authorities for his part in the death of Andrew

  3. Mᴥāz Kalīm
    Mᴥāz Kalīm says:

    {PROVISIONAL: }I hereby take..

    …My solemn oath..

    …If nothing major happens by the middle of this episode( exactly half-a-season), then I would leave this stunt-cast & heavily studio-meddled of a season — and this series by extension, for good.
    No, genuinely. This season has been such a drag & it appears the ongoing global-healthcare tragedy has gone through the heads of [again reshuffled ]writers' room. While like everything else which is non-theoretical across the cosmos, this show wasn't uniformly loved but almost-absolutely loved by everybody — specifically 'cus of how its level of ambiguity allowed everybody to make their own inaccurate to wildly-misinferred conclusions and keep going around asserting them as their "gospel" but.. There has been no doubt that the writing has taken a nosedive in favour of: In spite episode-length clearly conveying the logical dramedy-format, the season is: Literally prioritising sitcom over dramatic-developments — at Best.
    As if that's not enough, they've apparently started going preachy even more than they were since the second-half of season 2( around the "PGM®" subplot) and now they( the writers) are turning into yet-another bunch of neoliberal clowns, to appease the loudest voices across the 'pop-Interweb' and "new" media "critics" in the Global North.
    The above key-factors leading to the Flanderization of characters, even the one recognised as "greater than the[ middling] show they exist in" — means this show is coming across just-another hypocritical, big-budget "plug our non-family controlled Empire's IPs" of a neoliberal soapbox i.e. yes, evidently discernible sacrifice of ambiguity while casting thespians and hiring writers from across the Empire with problematic links — making it a perfect bowtie for a strereotypical "Hollywood production" than anything it used to be.

    Seriously: I've abandoned watching this show for past 2½+ episodes — at the very least. Should I catch-up with the usual 2-part finale? Or..?


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