Succession: Season 3 | Official Tease | HBO

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Succession: Season 3 | Official Tease | HBO

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  1. Hary M
    Hary M says:

    I’ve binge watched the first two seasons and at first I was a bit skeptic about Kendall, Tom and Greg but I totally love their characters development and I can’t wait to see more of them. I actually love Kendall and I’m glad he’s finally trying to be a real “killer”.

  2. J Q
    J Q says:

    Deep, deep, DEEEEEEP down, Logan is proud that Kendall keeps… kendalling. But his admiration is buried underneath giant layers of his power hungry, controlling nature.

  3. Cherokee wild
    Cherokee wild says:

    Si para tener esos lujos,hay que ser tan hijo de puta,carecer de todo sentimiento que no sea la ambicion y el poder absoluto sobre los demas por encima de su propia sangre… quedo como estoy… una serie de la vida real,aunque seguramente,la realidad supera a la ficcion….un mundo de tiburones cazando en un barreño lleno de corderos……

  4. Kai Nightingale
    Kai Nightingale says:

    I love the first two seasons of this show, the third season made stop watching. Not that it’s bad or anything, i just got disinterested in the conflicts and I don’t care about the characters anymore

  5. 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy1 says:

    My rant on this show: Season 3 i would rate maybe a B or B minus. The budget seems higher than ever this season. The episode where they go to the themed party where Kendall is singing in the beginning of the episode at the party was a ridiculous moment and episode. The jokes this season have gotten grotesque and over the top. Season 2 i think was the best season. Season 1 was very slow, and slow getting off the ground. Season 3 had too many snappy remarks and one-liner humor. Season 1 was very slow and deliberate. Season 2 i think was the peak. The Season 3 Finale was excellent.


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