Super Hero Squad Online: Fallen Asgard Trailer

Loki has conquered Asgard, and only the Squaddies can save the day! Join in the adventure at and help rescue Asgard from Loki’s nefarious clutches now in “Super Hero Squad Online”!

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  1. James Tir
    James Tir says:

    Coincidence. In the comics, it sorta-kinda is the thing, though there are many non-Asgard related series as well. But in the cartoon/movies, they won't mess with the origins, which, contained Asgard.

  2. MsUltimate1984
    MsUltimate1984 says:

    It's not really for an older generation like us. This game is based on a toy line from Hasbro for kids. Marvel's most likely just doing this for the few kids who actually come on Youtube. It's also probably the game showing it's support for the new Avengers movie.

  3. RealCoolGuy
    RealCoolGuy says:

    LOL.. Why you sorry to me?? You're the one missing out… I don't do Facebook either… But you can create an account with a fake name and play the game. You should see how many Peter Parkers and Hank Pyms there are playing Avengers Alliance..


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