Talked About Scene: Episode 302: TURN: Washington’s Spies: Cold Murdering Bastards

Hewlett confronts Abe after discovering he’s a spy. For more TURN: Washington’s Spies videos:

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14 replies
  1. wheelchairby284
    wheelchairby284 says:

    I love Hewlett in this scene. This scene shows the part of Hewlett that we haven't truly seen in a while. He was so busy with the infighting in his own army that he dropped his guard, and we forgot that he is still a British officer fighting in the American Revolution, and his main mission is to 'protect' the town of Setauket (which to be fair was fairly Loyalist at the time, anyway) from the American army. Hewlett isn't just benevolent and ignorant, like we've seen a lot in season two. Hewlett is a highly skilled and loyal soldier, and a basically good man. The character epitomizes those soldiers you hear about in war who are not on your side, but are people of honor.

  2. Marty
    Marty says:

    Abe didn't deserve Mary, that woman was gorgeous and she was down to do whatever it took for her husband and family, not even a moment's hesitation. I really loved her character in the show, she was underappreciated, but was stronger than the rest of them.


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