Talked About Scene: Episode 712: Mad Men: Lost Horizon

Joan takes a stand against McCann. For more Mad Men videos:

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26 replies
  1. cuccamunga
    cuccamunga says:

    Go Joan! This was an epic scene but unfortunately has a sad, shamefully realistic end. Peggy's entrance into Mccann was badass but she too is going to have to deal with this bullshit.

  2. NateBklyn
    NateBklyn says:

    There was another character on Mad Men named Hobart. In a season 3 episode titled The Fog. Don meets this Hobart in a hospital waiting room. This Hobart is a Prison Guard but shares some characteristics with the CEO of  ME (both are bald and crude). Intentional symbolism or just a cowinkydink ?

  3. Adam Robinette
    Adam Robinette says:

    What was so interesting about the character is that Jim Hobart was the only man on the show in the business other than Don Draper that didn't sexualize Joan. He saw her as a strong, independent, ambitious woman. A threat. He didn't disparage women, but he set a glass ceiling for them. And Joan represented busting through it.

  4. Eric Crabtree
    Eric Crabtree says:

    H. Richard Greene has the perfect voice for this character. His low rumble is disarming and charming when we first meet him late in season one. He flips the switch here and that same tone in unmistakably menacing.

  5. Tompie913
    Tompie913 says:

    It's amazing that they made such a great casting choice for such a minor role in season 1 with Greene, and they were able to bring him back at the end of season 7 for this much bigger role and he was fantastic

  6. Robert J. Block
    Robert J. Block says:

    I hated Joan. Fake character. She has no discernible virtue or ability just infinite demands and resentment as here. And a woman of the era who was promoted from secretary to executive would not be the misandrist shrew she was. Because it would have taken a man to promote her.

    "Betty Freidan" "EEOC". She was a decade early. Button pressed. Trap door open. Alligators fed – very well given her girth.

    Weiner (pronounced "Whiner") did some things well but he felt compelled to scold the past. No woman talked or acted like this in 1970. There wasn't even a frame of reference for it. I know: my mom was a highly successful businesswoman of the era who faced push back and discrimination constantly. Betty Freidan? As if that Communist crone ever did anything for women! This is even a year before Griggs and disparate impact. EEOC lawyers in 1970 were saying: "get me coffee honey".

    God, we are drowning in lies. Whiner did his part even in this fantastic series. Joan hurt it but didn't ruin it.


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