The 1619 Project | Official Trailer | Hulu

From Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones comes the greatest story never told. The 1619 Project premieres January 26th only on Hulu. #1619hulu

The 1619 Project is a Lionsgate Production in association with One Story Up Productions, Harpo Films and The New York Times. It was executive produced by Nikole Hannah-Jones; Academy Award®-winning director Roger Ross Williams; Caitlin Roper, an editor of “The 1619 Project” and The New York Times’ executive producer for film and television; Kathleen Lingo, The New York Times’ editorial director for film and television; and Oprah Winfrey. Peabody Award-winning executive producer Shoshana Guy served as the showrunner. Watch The 1619 Project on Hulu!

Hulu’s six-part 1619 Docuseries is an expansion of “The 1619 Project” created by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times Magazine. The series seeks to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national narrative

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The 1619 Project | Official Trailer | Hulu

18 replies
  1. Neikos Lin
    Neikos Lin says:

    I honor those who fought for for civil rights and they have paved the way for all Americans to succeed in this country. Slavery in the United States was a horrible thing along with many other horrible things that have happened in the past and in some cases in the present. The fight for civil rights has opened the path to "the Promised Land." It is a path that is now open to all, although that path may be more narrow for some than others. That path is education. A bachelor's degree has twice the earning power as a high school degree and almost 4X as someone who didn't graduate from high school. A computer science or engineering degree makes 50% more than one in the humanities. An education in STEM is a global asset, in demand throughout the world, not just in the United States. I'm not sure if racism can ever be completely eliminated, but being able to make more money than those who've been in the power establishment for decades definitely takes some of the sting out of it.

  2. Debra Jenn
    Debra Jenn says:

    People think it's all about making money but nahhh!! Y'all are making great financial mistakes I think growing money with investment should be your 2023 decision this year it has made me who I am today I learnt this from my mentor.

  3. M D
    M D says:

    MORE Complete nonsense… MORE rewriting American History, as if every other ethnic group in this world wasn't enslaved and didn't build entire nations. The chinese, the irish, every other group EXCEPT those that run Hollywood who literally rewrote history and created the first victimhood culture who are responsible for pushing victimhood culture amongst black americans. It's fascinating to see. This country was built by MANY ethnic groups. Anyone that knows history knows this kind of 1619 nonsense is straight comedy and doesn't know history perpetuated by the same cooks in Hollywood and jailhouse literature, the same literature that says Egyptians were black (which they weren't, they were their own race, and modern day arabs have more in common with black people today than EITHER of those groups had in common with Ancient Egyptians). Ancient Egyptians even created heiroglyphs that showed the difference between Sub-Saharan and Egyptian people. Look up King Tuts slippers, with the black figure on the sole of his shoe representing him treading on his enemy. We can thank Tariq Nasheed for his fictitious Buck-Breaking Comedy, and George Soros for funding all this BLM nonsense. Anyone with an IQ above 90 can figure out when they're being duped.


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