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Agatha Christie’s famous detective, Hercule Poirot (John Malkovich) is racing against time to stop serial killer known as “A.B.C.” In a cat and mouse chase across the length of Britain, will Poirot prevail before the murderer stages his next crime?

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The ABC Murders – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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44 replies
  1. UWisLove
    UWisLove says:

    There's only one real Poirot and we all know who he is. This is just one of those characters who has been perfected so well by one actor that it's not worth trying to re-invent him. Enjoy the old show. It's still so much better than 90% of current tv shows.

  2. Yaya
    Yaya says:

    I just finished reading the book and there must be an adaptation. Checked wikipedia, what a wonderful cast. Watched the trailer, nope. The tone is different.

  3. Tiara Roxeanne
    Tiara Roxeanne says:

    I'm quite sad that it was not David Suchet who played Poirot in the movie. He was and still is the perfect Poirot. No other actors has embodied the character as long and as deep as he was. He had said he will be happy to make a Poirot movie. Not saying that John Malkovich or Kenneth Branagh did a bad job, but there has been already a perfect cast for the role. All the fans know that. I hate that Hollywood tended to cast a more famous name rather than the perfect actor for the role.

  4. Manasi Iyer
    Manasi Iyer says:

    I don't like this, it feels like an insult to Agatha Christie's work. Also, this fellow isn't Poirot, the accent isn't on point as well. Also David Suchet has imortalised the character, they need someone extremely talented to match his work as Poirot. This just looks dark and grisly and gross. Not really something I would be watching.

  5. SylvesterFox007
    SylvesterFox007 says:

    Malkovich's older, sadder Poirot is an interesting take on the character. Not the most appealing or faithful to the character in Agatha Christie's writing, but I'm glad we got to see him give his take on the role in a one-off.


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