The Accident – Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

In a community left behind, a large construction project offers hope for a better future. But that disappears when a local politician’s rebellious daughter leads friends onto the site. An explosion causes the building to collapse, killing everyone but her. Stream The Accident, November 22 on hulu.

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  1. Andrew Harmon
    Andrew Harmon says:

    Did no one in these comments do anything they weren't supposed to do as a teenager? The construction company def should have checked to make sure no one was in the building before blowing it up. That's an extremely common thing to check for because many homeless people will stay in abandoned buildings.

  2. Ellie Drabble
    Ellie Drabble says:

    Just from watching the trailer I think the problem is that everyone is just going to look for one person to blame when there can be multiple:
    The kids made a dumb decision so they have partial blame (not saying they deserved it or anything but they did trespass on a dangerous site)
    If the company ALSO knew of dangers with the building or did something to trigger the explosion then they're ALSO to blame


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