The Arm-Pumping ‘Thelma & Louise’ Workout Challenge | Movie Buff | AMC Digital Series

Line dancing and running from the law! When you think of ‘Thelma & Louise,’ do you immediately think of a fitness challenge? Us neither! Well, it’s time for YOU to go on the run — or, you know, go for a light jog — as Craig and Chyna of WheezyWaiter come up with the ultimate ‘Thelma & Louise’ workout in this episode of Movie Buff.

On Movie Buff, we’re turning Movie Moments into Movie MOVEments. We’re coming up with fitness challenges inspired by the iconic quotes, pivotal scenes and unforgettable characters from some of our favorite films. Start watching, and get moving!

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Try the ‘On the Run!’ Workout:
Car Drivers x 20
You Get What You Pedal For Bike Ride x 20 min
Honky-Tonk Line Dance x 1
On the Run x 1 Mile
Reverse Crunches x 20
Hate to See You Go But Love to Watch You Lunge x 20
Helicopter Abs x 20
Hammer Curls x 15

Movie Buff is an original AMC Digital Series presented by AMC Youtube.

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22 replies
  1. Brett
    Brett says:

    AMC please hand over the editing to Craig. This channel would seriously be improved by his talent and love of creating film. … If this is Craig's editing… please get him help cause something is very wrong.

  2. Bethany Spencer
    Bethany Spencer says:

    This reminded me how much I enjoyed this movie. I'm also starting to rethink my sedentary movie watching habits. Great job Chyna and Craig!!! Thanks to AMC for finding this fun couple to host this fun series.


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