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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2022 (Trailers)
00:03 The Woman King
02:19 Amsterdam
04:50 Thor: Love and Thunder
05:56 Ticket To Paradise
08:25 See How They Run
10:19 Luck
12:47 Honk for Jesus. Save your Soul.
14:54 The Invitiation
17:13 The Magic Flute
18:35 Honor Society
20:46 Bullet Train
21:44 Hocus Pocus 2
23:01 Thirteen Lives
25:22 The Reef: Stalked
26:24 Clerks III
28:13 Emergency Declaration
29:44 Smile
31:55 Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile
33:41 Not Okay
34:38 The Emigrants
35:52 Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

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21 replies
  1. Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz says:

    All these “big summer super blockbuster movies” have messed up the movie because now if you don’t have Optimus transforming or you don’t have godzilla coming out of the ocean or the Avengers assembling or Batman trying put the Justice League together, it doesn’t feel like a movie like the movie is not worth the money, don’t get me wrong I enjoy those big mindless movies but we need a HUGEEEEEEE break from them weather it’s DC,Marvel,Transformers or the Monsterverse we need a break.

  2. Bonny Syk
    Bonny Syk says:

    Glorifying WAR, America, on the first trailer and i can assume on the next few, like you always do. You MUST have your reasons.
    Really good directing though, we must admit, im sure acting too.
    Humanity needs to learn more LOVE however. You are have taken us enough in low places as it is.

  3. Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett says:

    After seeing these trailers I can only conclude that the movie industry is in for Hard Times. Amazing how Hollywood is constantly making movies that no one wants to see. And they took a wonderful premise Queen nasinga at least I assume it's Queen the nazinga just got to love that talk to text.

  4. Aviating Gamer
    Aviating Gamer says:

    If The Woman King doesn’t scream leftist propaganda then you should take a history class.

    The tribe the movie is based on weren’t righteous freedom fighting African women driving off evil white men. They only fought to protect their own slave trade. I remember reading the enslaved and murdered hundreds of thousands of their fellow Africans.

    That movie honestly feels like it was made by Twitter’s mods.

  5. Aviating Gamer
    Aviating Gamer says:

    I’d also love to see Hollywood get the balls to exploit any other religion besides Christianity for their money. I mean why can’t they ever make something with Islam and deface the image of Muhammad just as eagerly as they do so with Jesus?

  6. Chris Winter
    Chris Winter says:

    Regarding "The Reef: Stalked"…. I truly wish they would quit the damn trope of the dangerous shark. The only dangerous creature in the sea is man. We're hunting them into extinction, and the average mosquito is 1000 times more dangerous than these animals.

    There's quite a few movies here that I would like to see, but really… quit the damn shark movies already.

  7. Mark Rheman Hamilton
    Mark Rheman Hamilton says:

    Woman King- American propaganda movie to get women of color to be part of the Space Force. Less weight, less money getting you to your mission to die in space. Women dominated commerce in America since the first mansions went to female heirs. Women have made America go to war. Remember the Maine.


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