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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming Movies 2023
00:03 Sisu
02:21 John Wick: Chapter 4
03:47 Haunted Mansion
05:26 Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre
07:44 Tetris
10:18 Peter Pan & Wendy
11:58 Kandahar
13:15 The Machine
15:20 Mafia Mamma
17:38 About My Father
20:11 Air
21:09 Creed III
23:22 The Little Mermaid
23:51 The Blackening
26:02 The Pope’s Exorcist
28:21 Boston Strangler
30:10 A Thousand and One
32:28 Perfect Addiction
33:57 Chang Can Dunk
36:02 Charcoal
37:25 One True Loves
39:45 Prom Pact
42:00 Past Lives
44:19 Carmen

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43 replies
  1. James Wollenweber
    James Wollenweber says:

    I’d see maybe 3 of these, no wonder Hollywood is going broke. The whole executive staff at Disney needs to be fired. Walt would be disgusted at what his company is producing. They need a new mantra – WWWD – what would Walt do.

  2. V PeRK V
    V PeRK V says:

    Yup, i said last week in the comments tht id be back to watch the same videos in a different order. But man, did u fool me. SAME ORDER.
    Touche, touche

  3. James Cole
    James Cole says:

    SISU, JW4, Operation Fortune and possibly the Machine, but most people probably wont get that one unless they listen to original Showtime Kreischer: THE MACHINE 1hr comedy special

  4. Monty7473
    Monty7473 says:

    Well, looks like 2023 is going gown the stereotypical millennial/gen-Z/LGB-WTF shit-shoot… It’ll be another pathetically embarrassing year for the entertainment industry…..


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