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The Boys Presents: Diabolical drops on March 4

Watch The Boys Presents: Diabolical starting March 4


About The Boys Presents: Diabolical
From some of the most unhinged and maniacal minds in Hollywood today comes Diabolical, a collection of eight irreverent and emotionally shocking animated short films. Featuring stories by Seth Rogen, Kumail Nanjiani, Aisha Tyler, and more, each episode plunges elbow-deep into unseen crevices of The Boys Universe.

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The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Trailer | Prime Video

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30 replies
  1. Angela Love
    Angela Love says:

    I love Supernatural's. So no matter what the scenario whether it be mild or super beyond belief extreme, I'm good with it. This series and the cast are beyond belief. Each one of these episodes has a phenomenal cast and the graphics are mind-blowing ( literally. LOL). I absolutely obsessed with Korean film and directors. So number 7 was a hit for me! I'll edit this and if I see anything else worth mentioning. Yep, episode 8 is definitely worth mentioning. It should definitely be a part of the prologue if they do a prequel with individual characters or whatever. I recommend this series it's crazy. And if you liked Invincible or the boys the series you will love this series.

  2. ToadOfWar
    ToadOfWar says:

    This feels like if rick and morty, and invincible had a baby. Like the animation styles are combined. The tone of the whole show. It looks good, I'm almost done with season 3 of the boys, and by the time I'm done, the last episode of the boys S3 will be out. Then i will check out this show.

  3. NoobClock666
    NoobClock666 says:

    Was I the only one that was introduce to The Boys with this spin off? At first I thought this was basically original sology shorts. But yeah, this was basically the best introduction to The Boys.

  4. Troy Johnson
    Troy Johnson says:

    I might have enjoyed this more than actual season 3. the first 5 episodes were great. episode 5 had me laughing so hard I nearly shifted myself lmao

    Boyd 3D was Black Mirror level great


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