The Brink: Trailer (HBO)

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New episodes of The Brink, starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, air every Sunday night at 10:30PM, only on HBO.

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21 replies
    LINZEE says:

    I'm only here because I am obsessed with Val from the Disney skating movie 'Brink' and I totally thought that was Val from behind in the thumbnail. Wtf yall? Don't play me like that. Or my 90's bitches!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sauss Bauss
    Sauss Bauss says:

    Pls renew this series on HBO Max… assuming you can afford it. 5X production budget for quality cinematography, stunts & CGI… presumably rare or impossible 5-6 years ago? Not to mention Black's premium to become the biggest star on your bush league platform.


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