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31 replies
  1. Anish Namdar
    Anish Namdar says:

    It's a 5/10. I only watched it for the continuation. Story was mid, dialogues were shit, fight sequences were shit & some things were happening & were being focused on even tho it had no connection to the storyline. The 2nd movie is still the best one soo far. Let's see if the 4th one is any better

  2. Only FAX
    Only FAX says:

    This movie was so bad the logic the characters used in situations she wanted to stay in the other reality the doctor couldn't even cut open a body the woman wanted to cut wires that were powered on they only started to take advice from the lady when someone died it was just cringe imo

  3. Prasanta Das
    Prasanta Das says:

    The people who are telling other people that the cause of their disliking the movie because they didn't grasp the meaning, My dudes, I completely understood the movie and I loved the ending and the Itty-bitty part of Mundy scenes, the rest was shit. The main Lady was emotional wreck. I needed a strong character, you know what I mean if you have watched the 10 Cloverfield movie. Other characters didn't stick to me.

  4. S.J Gillies
    S.J Gillies says:

    Literally everyone in the comments say this movie is pretty decent, but every comment also says "i don't understand why people don't like this movie". There's literally no one here saying they didn't like this movie, so can we drop that now?

  5. Robert Pewsey
    Robert Pewsey says:

    Fully embracing the leftwing woke ideology that permeates everything on our screens these days, where only the bames are worthy, all white characters are weak and flawed this, despite some great visual affects goes straight into the "bargain" dvd bin as boring and predictable. 2/10.

  6. My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator says:

    This movie is why everyone hates Hollywood. Well it has now become well known that blacks in general hate white people. White people in turn fell nothing but contempt for blacks in general as why the fck would we want to like you since you suck ash all day long and hate on us. So wtf would Hollywood think we want to see blacks in key roles in movies. Same with fgts, trans and other disgusting people groups.


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