The Cost Of Winning: Official Trailer | HBO

It’s about more than just football.

From Executive Producer Michael Strahan, The Cost Of Winning premieres November 10 at 9 pm on HBO Max. #TheCostOfWinning #HBO #HBOMax
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The Cost Of Winning: Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. Jace Woods
    Jace Woods says:

    After watching entirety of documentary most 4 or 5 star talent won't go to College Park because they really want to get out of the state because of what they experienced growing up in Baltimore it's the getaway effect

  2. a anon
    a anon says:

    my take..what about all the kids who die everyday from gang violence in baltimore…everyday. the empty stores, businesses, boarded up houses, corroding streets, empty lots, apt bldgs in disrepair, parks where youre afraid to let your kids play, etc…
    when are the residents going to say enough is enough & take back their community, get rid of the gangs & push for better living environment???!!!! they keep voting in the same party=democrats & get the same results….bad, & it just keeps getting worse.
    baltimore has voted in democrat mayors since 1967. & look at your citys steady decline.
    you vote in these corrupt do nothing politicians because they give pretty speeches full of fake promises year after year..& so your only hope for your kids is for them to get out of baltimore?! insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results. einstein

  3. Lisa Cochrane
    Lisa Cochrane says:

    My husband is from Bmore and these stories are true just like in the Wire. Man he came up tough. Forget about if you can make it in New York, if you can make it in Baltimore you can make it anywhere. PERIOD!!!!

  4. HUMAN
    HUMAN says:

    Yup dont matter wot u look like or were u come from we all on da strugle so wen u come Hawaii we no like hear about hard times n racism jus play ball jus cause we aint black or come from the getos dont mean we dont have hard ship so lets play ball


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