The Creator | Teaser Trailer | 20th Century Studios

“This is a fight for our very existence.”

The Creator arrives in theaters September 29.

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  1. REC
    REC says:

    Is it kinda worrying that AI has just started becoming more popular and this movie could be a real life situation in the near future?

  2. Self Help Hero
    Self Help Hero says:

    If this isn't proof he should still be making Star Wars films, I don't know what is?! Rogue One is the best film since the original trilogy and this trailer just makes me want to see more from him in Star Wars…. please Disney!

  3. melvin ho yk
    melvin ho yk says:

    Is it AI or is it human the thread? Why don't we just live harmoniously as the current reality there are more war between human. Seem like this trailer had given away the narrative here, human trained that AI were bad and discover later the treat is the human.

  4. Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson says:

    OMFG the trailer looks great from an entartainment design point, the world is full of story, are characters also looks well made, the tech, the people etc. everything looks believable. I am definitely going to watch this for myself.


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