The Crime of the Century (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

Big Pharma sold America a lie and made a killing.

The Crime of the Century, an HBO original documentary from Alex Gibney, exposes the billions of dollars gained and thousands of lives lost due to the opioid crisis. The two-part HBO original documentary premieres May 10 on HBO Max. #HBO #HBODocs #CrimeoftheCenturyDoc Subscribe to HBO on YouTube:

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The Crime of the Century (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. alexander leuchte
    alexander leuchte says:

    Metamizole is sooooooo much better than opioids.
    How does it work? Nobody knows!
    Does it work? Barely for me!
    Are there potentially lifethretening sideeffects? Of course! From all your skin dying off to your body not producing white blood cells anymore, awesome!
    Is it outlawed in certain countries? Yes!
    But why do we prescribe it then? oPiOiDs aRe bAaAaD mMkAyyyyyyyy

  2. Dania A
    Dania A says:

    so you see doctors and the fda have lost their credibility and that is the main reason why covid is getting out of hand not 'misinformation' its real life stories like this.

  3. B
    B says:

    Please the government was getting paid too. Imagine the kick backs. After knowing this it’s easy to understand why we don’t trust the vaccines. O and by the way people are still dying so I guess it wasn’t just Purdue pharma!!

  4. James Bennett
    James Bennett says:

    Note the this new documentary is "currently unavailable" in my area when I search for it on Amazon. Censorship of illuminating the FDA's crimes, which would cause the public to distrust the FDA during the current pandemic.

  5. Robert Burke
    Robert Burke says:

    Pharmaceutical industry around 20 years ago took Darvon off the market because they said they said it cause heart attacks I knew 50 people addicted to Darvon none of us drug addicts back then had a heart attack this was a lie. Now this is my theory but the main drug a doctor would prescribe if you had pain was Darvon the starve on that okay I'm pretty sure they took it off the market to make room for their oxycodone oxycotton whatever else that they just made room for it and to this day I have never heard anyone having a heart attack on Darvon

  6. S Milo
    S Milo says:

    These medications are intended for intense pain treatment for a short period of time. Post dental surgery I imposed a 2 day rule. One a day a night for 2 days. The rest got thrown out. I don’t need 2 weeks of oxy or hydrocodone. I am supposed to feel uncomfortable- I just had my mouth cut open. After 2 days. Advil or Alleve. My dental surgeon was sort of surprised. I believe in medicine and doctors but too much of anything can’t be ok.

  7. purepalm
    purepalm says:

    Sackler. Kauffman. Goldenhiem. Anyone noticing something with these Perdue pushers?

    Don’t overlook the doctrine of destruction as a primary factor in this heartbreaking malicious outrage.

  8. Brendan W
    Brendan W says:

    I had experienced the worst pain of my life with a neck injury 4 weeks ago. The doctors prescribed 3 days worth of Diazepam on the NHS alongside co-codamol and Naproxen for 2 weeks. I felt like the Diazepam did more for my pain management but the doctor warned me that it's extremely addictive and to try and manage the pain with the naproxen and Co-codamol. After 2 more days of being uncomfortable but not in pain they were doing enough for me to be comfortable. I've now made a full recovery after seeing an Osteopath and identifying the injury and treating it.

    I'm fairly certain that in America I would've just gotten pills.

  9. Marieb999
    Marieb999 says:

    Funny how when you mention “people’s representatives” you show president Trump. He wasn’t even in office yet. You should put Obama instead. Trump was actually the one taking an pledge against opioids. This is called soft propaganda.


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