The Devil Inside- Official Trailer

The Devil Inside
In theaters January 6

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  1. H G
    H G says:

    all these comments about how shit the movie was.. i was in 8th grade and i literaly couldn't finish the movie because i was so horrified and i couldn't sleep for like 4 nights …

  2. Croak Man
    Croak Man says:

    Seeing the difference between the most recent comments VS the ones from 10 years ago is so hilarious. For the latter, you have people expressing so much interest while the recent ones are calling out how horrible the movie ended up being.

  3. Saltt
    Saltt says:

    I remember being a little boy and crying for my mommy when i saw this trailer as a kid because the commercial had come on at 10pm but now its not that scary 🙂

  4. Jerry Stuch
    Jerry Stuch says:

    This thing reminds me of the very first exorcist movie. With Linda Blair being tormented. And let’s not forget it was all brought in because she played with a wigi board. Normal children like her don’t flip out of their minds like that. Yes I’ve seen some kids or heard of kids doing things like I would never imagine a kid could even conjure up. But anyway this movie looks good but if these types creep you out I do NOT recommend it!!!! I’m gonna watch it for the first time but going on the trailer it looks pretty good


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