THE DIG starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes | Official Trailer | Netflix

As WWII looms, a wealthy widow (Carey Mulligan) hires an amateur archaeologist (Ralph Fiennes) to excavate the burial mounds on her estate. When they make a historic discovery, the echoes of Britain’s past resonate in the face of its uncertain future‎.

THE DIG stars Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Lily James, Johnny Flynn, Ben Chaplin, and Ken Scott.

In Select Theaters January 15 and on Netflix January 29.


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THE DIG starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Franco Danco
    Franco Danco says:

    this was one of the most boring movies i've ever sat through. I skipped through every akward silence and grunt and subdued stare to probably trim like 30 minutes off the film.

    Don't hit me with that emotion shit because this was just like, "what brits can't process emotion?" i don't believe it. I don't even blame the actors, i feel like they could actually act but damn the film was just the worst.

  2. mike o
    mike o says:

    What a masterpiece in this era of Netflix crap. Best acting in a long time – Very, very impressed with Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan, but also a great performance from Archie Barnes. Thank you!

  3. Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne says:

    Wow, what a movie! I came across this movie in Netflix, never expect this movie will be this great. Its one of the best choice i made. The story, the relationship, the music and most importantly the acting is just great. The ending were Mr. Brown shoveling those sand back with beautiful music in the background had me stay for a while and enjoy the vibes with a smile on my face is the best experience i had in film ❤️

  4. Gopakumar.M
    Gopakumar.M says:

    OMG SO FREAKIN BORING! Sorry I get that it’s a true story but there has to be some kind of rhythm and excitement to a movie……this was just a fact based movie about a fine.

    STePH SANCiA says:

    I absolutely love The Dig to bits and have watched it so many times but I've never heard of Ralph Fiennes until now so I'm currently watching The Constant Gardener on Netflix from 2005 with a much younger Ralph Fiennes and wow, what a difference in role it's just amazing, like chalk and cheese so he's obviously very versatile as an actor but I'm just surprised I've never come across him before but either way, a top notch actor

  6. just a human being.
    just a human being. says:

    watched the trailer to see if i want to watch the film, now i want to watch the film but wish i'd never seen the trailer! Will they find anything on the dig? well, yes, i know they will, a big viking boat, because i saw it in the trailer!!!


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