THE EIGHT HUNDRED Trailer (2021)

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In 1937, the military forces of Japan have overrun the Chinese army and encircled Shanghai, laying siege to the port city. An isolated regiment of 800 Chinese soldiers defy the might of the Imperial Japanese army and make a legendary last stand to defend their country.

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The Eight Hundred (2021) is the new war movie starring Wang Qian-Yuan, Zhang Yi and Huang Zhizhong.

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33 replies
  1. imax digital
    imax digital says:

    Am I crazy or does this movie look like it's going to set a new standard? Visually stunning, insane cinematography, other-level realism, etc. This looks insane. I sincerely hope it was only dubbed in English and the actual movie is in Mandarin.

  2. Infamou5killer
    Infamou5killer says:

    Amazing movie highly recommend! i Prefer the sub tho.
    side note for those who are concerned: It is not propagandistic in any way. It is a genuine saving private Ryan type movie but in china

  3. Sai Doddi
    Sai Doddi says:

    This movie was awesome (if a bit propagandist) but if you’re looking for anything historically accurate throw it out the window. The real battle was an astounding feat of defensive combat akin to pavlovs house. The Chinese suffered only 10 losses compared to the 200 Japanese. Japan was limited in what they could do since the building was so close to the neutral zone so they couldn’t use gas or artillery

  4. Religion Of Peace
    Religion Of Peace says:

    I love this film so much I bought it. Because I'm a history enthusiast.

    It's a untold story. Its the prequel to the USMC Pacific island campaign vs Japan.

    The US just watched and got involved once it was too late.

    Too many Marines died because they had to deal with the consequences of the allies not helping China.

    I'm American and my roomate is a Japanese guy. We watched it together and he loves the movie too.

    So visually stunning. The greatest pre WW2 movie ever made.

  5. megan richie
    megan richie says:

    The Unsolved Mystery of Nanking Battalion, Did 3,000 Chinese Troops Really Disappear in 1939? This movie is related, The Second Sino-Japanese war was brutal, with Japan ravaging China. Many lives were lost on both sides, but the strangest loss was that of the Nanking Battalion. This battalion of Chinese soldiers simply vanished and there is still no consensus on what exactly happened to them. In December 1937, the battalion of 3,000 Chinese soldiers was assigned to a two mile stretch of land around Nanking. The Japanese had taken the city and the soldiers were charged with preventing the enemy fighters from getting out of it. Their main focus was a bridge on the Yangtze River which they needed to defend.
    The evening of December 9, 1937, the commander of the battalion, Li Fu Sien, went to bed as normal after seeing to his troops. He had ensured that the troops were dug in for the night and that soldiers had been placed on watch. On the morning of December 10, he would be woken by an aide with some disturbing news.

  6. scar RAMOS
    scar RAMOS says:

    Another fictious event..just like the south china sea 9 dash line..japanese military invasion during that era in chinese land in every battle or uprising the answer for them are crushing blow of defeat in the hands of japanese..japanese withdraw it force when the russian advance and western forces have enter the singapore and burma until the american bombs drop in mainland japan..

  7. Tai Lung 唐龍
    Tai Lung 唐龍 says:

    In Hollywood movie, the actors are mostly the best looking celebrities, which is unrealistic. In Chinese war movies, we try to make the soldiers look as ordinary as possible instead of getting models or superstars.


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