THE EMOJI MOVIE – Creating the World Inside Your Phone

THE EMOJI MOVIE – Creating the World Inside Your Phone

Discover how the animators on The Emoji Movie brought the secret world inside Alex’s phone to life!

The Emoji Movie, now on Digital and Blu-ray.


T.J. Miller
James Corden
Anna Faris
Maya Rudolph
Steven Wright
Jennifer Coolidge
Christina Aguilera
Sofia Vergara
Sean Hayes
Rachael Ray
Jeff Ross
Jake T. Austin
Tati Gabrielle

Sir Patrick Stewart

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8 replies
  1. Roby Mammon
    Roby Mammon says:

    I'm going on an SPA marathon (by that I mean watching all their movies in order, I'm still thinking about the direct to DVD ones), and while I love Cloudy, Hotel Transylvania and Spider Verse, I'm actually excited for the emoji movie and maybe I'll like it even more than I already do (this movie to me, is a 7/10 currently).


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