The Expanse Season 6 – Official Teaser | Prime Video

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The Expanse Season 6 – Official Teaser | Prime Video

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29 replies
  1. Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson says:

    So, with the death of Alex… Roci is down a martian. Is Bobbie potentially going to join the Roci? I mean, it's not like she has much left to go back to with the martian government collapsing from the inside.

  2. Canteen Room
    Canteen Room says:

    I've just watched 4 and 5 again and would offer the girlfriend's past catching up with her subplot to the editing room floor and replace it with some musing about who's behind Marcos Inaros. That sort of depth was sorely missed.

  3. Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams says:

    Brilliant this series is certainly not only entertains but gives incredible insights into the likely politics of humans as a space exploiting ‘civilisation’. Indeed saw an article recently by an analysis using it as a premonition and warning for the way things will likely develop aa we start to exploit the solar system. Can’t wait…for season six not the actuality it portrays.


    Sad to hear this season will be last one watchable. This series easily won top rank in my favourite sci-fi section after watching like only 2 season's. Just so people know my liking is bit built differently, coz in the same list i put series like Star wars (Hate that it just won't die), star Trek (sweet ending), Dark (far better than Tenet in 1 go, lol) & lost in space (family friendly lol), respectively.

  5. DrHuuu
    DrHuuu says:

    What to do some spin-offs? Any interestingly written MCRN spin-offs. Or Belters? Expansion has an amazingly created world that would be a punishment not to use !!

  6. Ed
    Ed says:

    Amazon, do NOT cancel this show. This show is talked about by nerds and geeks everywhere. This show set THE BAR for realistic space warfare, living and interplanetary conflicts. Do better at advertising to attract a larger audience, this show is worth it!

  7. Hold On
    Hold On says:

    Just rewatched the entire series. Ready. Only six episodes? The final season? The best and worst news ever. I do have to stop and applaud everyone who ever worked on this show, from the lowly gaffers and caterers to the writers and special effects and, of course, the spot on excellent cast. I do have a few nitpicking items like that bullet Bobbie tossed in the Razorback. No gravity. Wouldn’t it have just floated around the cabin? So unlike Bobbie to be so careless. The free floating bullet could have also been incorporated into Alex’s … trying to avoid a spoiler alert but you know what I mean. Anyone else? There’s probably a large list of inconsistencies.

  8. Sam Burns
    Sam Burns says:

    PLEASE release this show on 4K UHD Blu-ray! I will IMMEDIATELY pre-order the box set! Easily the best Sci-Fi show in decades! It's actually edge-of-your-seat entertaining, and not another soulless woke box-ticker.


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