The Final Scene of Mad Men

Don finds peace. For more Mad Men videos:

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Mad Men:

25 replies
  1. Porkchop Pete
    Porkchop Pete says:

    AMC just announced a Mad Men Prequel Series about Bert Cooper’s early days as a young adman who eventually starts the historic Sterling Cooper. It’s called “Sure Bert”

  2. ItsBrendannn
    ItsBrendannn says:

    funny. i get the ending of this show, but i dont agree with yal of the message. to me, don using his enlightenment to simply sell more ads shows that he hasnt learned anything at all

  3. Jayden Christopher
    Jayden Christopher says:

    You ever wanna go into graphic design or advertising marketing I'm kidding I would suggest watching madman cause it gives you in my opinion a perfect summary of the history of design and marketing throughout American history


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