The Flash – Flashback Fridays: Batman Returns..Again!

THE FLASH – only in theaters June 16.

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  1. fighting spirit
    fighting spirit says:

    Kids today can’t appreciate how big a deal tim Burton’s Batman was back in the day. The hype, the music, the merch, it was a cultural phenomenon…now the movie looks cheesy, but back then…epic

  2. Artimuos
    Artimuos says:

    This movie is solely trying to cash on the Nostalgia of classic Batman movie, they would probably used footage and voice of Reeves if he was not dead.

  3. BDTiger 07
    BDTiger 07 says:

    This movie is the prime example of why MCU is more successful than DCEU. A movie about Flash focuses on Batman. WB dropped the balls on their heroes other than Batman. MCU made me care about a talking tree and a racoon.


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