The Flash – Official Trailer

On June 16, worlds collide. Watch the official trailer now for The Flash – only in theaters. #TheFlashMovie Warner Bros. Pictures …

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  1. droid327
    droid327 says:

    BatKeaton…Alt Zod coming back for a redo….this movie is basically admitting the whole DCEU has been a flop and trying to retcon it lol

    Also does anyone actually care about Flash at this point? He's basically just a framing device for a Batman/Supergirl movie lol

  2. Marvelous Menace
    Marvelous Menace says:

    My heart really goes out to Ezra Miller. I want to help troubled people. But what could I even do? The thing is, Ezra has always been an incredible actor. Always. I would wish that my help would make someone feel better, calmer, happier. So that we could enjoy talent in a multitude of ways where real life doesn’t complicate our relationship with the amazing stories that we go to escape our lives and see at the theaters. This move will be good. And all the trouble around Ezra and the DCU recently shouldn’t be an erasure for that amazing story and experience that we all can get from the story production and the acting of this film and others. Support this film. Demand that we see only and even greater from the DC films and WB and appreciate Ezra’s work on this film for the art and connection it is sure to be and create among it’s fans. Excelsior!


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