The Gifted (FOX) – Official SDCC 2017 Trailer

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40 replies
  1. j3nki
    j3nki says:

    The series is actually really good. Just finished it, only 2 seasons unfortunately and apparently there's not gonna be a 3rd. Season 2 does close all its major plot points tho, so no worries. There are some minor plotholes that don't feel too immersion breaking imo, worst one for me was Andy mid season 2, really pissed me off, but other than that its nothing to major and overall forgivable. The CGI does feel a little whacky at times. Pretty much the worst things about the series for me.
    On the other hand it revolves around the separation and distain between humans and mutants (like the X-Men series did in general). It feels realistic, the acting is surprisingly very good (personal favorite – the mother – but srsly they all did a great job in conveying emotions, fear, despair, affection), the main characters are not loaded with plot armor like is sometimes the case in these hero vs baddie stories. The characters are interesting, they succeed AND fail and yea.
    Definitely a very good watch, captivating, immersing, entertaining and season 2 is probably even better than season 1.

  2. Patricia Parker
    Patricia Parker says:

    I just finished binge watching The Gifted season 1 and 2. Amazing, however I want to know what was on the other side of that portal. Blink comes back to say "you have to come see this" see what?

  3. TIGRI7
    TIGRI7 says:

    I can understand that such harrassment might be intentionaly applied
    by intelligence agencies in the name of intelligence aquisition and National security!

    However I think that in that case intelligences should also expect highly trained people
    who were handled and ethically trained since birth in good ways to control them self?


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