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It was the case that left us with more questions than answers. Inspired by the true crime story of Michelle Carter, The #GirlFromPlainville premieres March 29, only on @hulu.

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  1. None
    None says:

    was shockingly appalling. They made Michelle look like an empathetic character, while they made Conrad look like an as*. She was nothing more than a narcissistic psychopath. They missed the whole truth that Michelle didn’t love Conrad at all, she only pushed him to death to become popular herself. Conrad would not have killed himself that day if she hadn’t persistently pushed him to. The Carter family would be ashamed by this portrayal of their beloved son. Elle Fanning did a great job, but these writers really let her down.

  2. Champa
    Champa says:

    I'm not comfortable with the amount of artist license this series took considering the real story. Also, there were times that there were inappropriately musical scenes inserted; made no sense whatsoever

  3. Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat says:

    Only in America do tragic suicides become a television show top seller. As someone who knew a person that committed suicide, I'm pretty appalled by this. I wouldn't want their death to become a national tv show for corporations to make money off of. Next we'll have tv shows on homeless people being brutally murdered, based on real life people.

  4. Cody
    Cody says:

    This is trash that should have never been made. This monstrous evil murderous excuse for a woman deserves absolutely nothing in life, including any ounce of empathy this drivel may squeeze out of some brain dead idiots.

  5. dlamancha
    dlamancha says:

    I feel extremely sorry for the families involved: The Roy's not only lost a son, they lost the future that he could have had. The Carter's didn't deserve the stress and heartbreak of having
    a criminal in their family. I think Suicide Coercion is a good label for this case. Michelle DEFINITELY coerced, nagged, badgered, and cajoled Conrad into suicide when she should have been calling
    911, his parents, the hospital, her therapist for any other therapist's names to help this boyfriend she supposeiveldly loved. She just wanted to "play" the grieving girlfriend. She was old enough to know better.


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