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From executive producer Steven Soderbergh, “The Girlfriend Experience” returns for season two with a new variation on storytelling. Breaking with last season’s format, the anthology series also executive produced by Philip Fleishman, will follow two parallel stories each focusing on entirely new characters, relationships, plotlines and locations while exploring the price of intimacy and its emotional consequences. One storyline for the 14-episode scripted original series will be set in Washington, D.C. and the other, in New Mexico. Each of the two parallel storylines is written, directed and executive produced by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz.

Kerrigan’s storyline is set against the backdrop of the corrupting influence of dark money in the upcoming 2018 U.S. mid-term elections, where everything and everyone has a price, the second season tracks an unexpected and complex relationship between Erica Myles, a commanding and strong-willed finance director of a Republican super PAC, and Anna Garner, a confident and intelligent GFE provider at the top of her game. Under intense pressure to deliver on her super PAC fundraising goals, Erica meets Anna and enlists her help in blackmailing a high-powered dark money fundraiser, in order to gain access to his secret donor network. After their initial exchange, Erica and Anna fall into a complicated sexual relationship, marked by an exploration of vulnerability, dominance and submission. A relationship that changes the trajectory of Erica’s personal and professional lives and takes Anna into new emotional territory.

Seimetz’s storyline follows Bria Jones, a former high-end escort who enters the Witness Protection Program in order to escape her abusive relationship. After being torn from her upscale lifestyle, Bria and her estranged step-daughter are relocated to New Mexico where they are overseen by a commanding US Marshal, Ian Olsen. Despite orders to stay low, Bria begins to revive her career as a sex worker, still enraptured by the allure of precarious relationships and lavish gifts. Bria’s moonlighting only becomes more complicated when it threatens to ensnare her new identity, her step-daughter, and the government official put in charge of her well-being. Bria quickly realizes she not only has to protect herself from her domineering ex but the very people who are supposed to be protecting her. Bria is forced to take matters into her own hands as she gambles not only her own safety but the people around her in a bid to regain the life she once had.

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The Girlfriend Experience | Season 2 Overview | STARZ

12 replies
  1. b z
    b z says:

    Season 1 was hotter and better. This one looks like a low budget series with less hotter stars and less interesting characters. Good job ruining the series

  2. DonnieJohnson
    DonnieJohnson says:

    I watched the first episode and for some reason the camera man is so fucking so far! It's like always far across the room away from everybody. Like I couldn't even see what the characters looked like until they did one close-up during the whole damn episode. Also, it was boring as hell. But I'm going to still watch tho. lol

  3. Kate
    Kate says:

    If she thinks degrading sexual exploitation is empowering i feel sorry for her. This encourages the myth that sex workers are nymphomaniacs , 99% of sex workers are doing that job because of circumstances past & present that this is their best alternative. Women do not go into sex work for anything other than the money they could not get any other way. I was very disappointed this series degraded sex workers & women ., when women have break ups in relationships or careers they generally dont beg,plead, turn into alcoholics,stalk or any of the other demeaning acts this series portrays. This has put women & sex workers back decades. Its a shame as this could have been a empowering portrayal but it most defiantly wasnt. Edit., the only tv boundaries they pushed was to put porn onto mainstream tv so all young people could see this , well done.

  4. Ben Lakra
    Ben Lakra says:

    When women use the word 'empowering' in a sentence it all make sense regardless of what the context of the sentence is logical or illogical, it all in the name of 'empowerment'.


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