The Good Cop | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

From the creator of Monk comes The Good Cop, a new Netflix Original series starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban.

All episodes available September 21st.

Watch The Good Cop on Netflix:


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The Good Cop | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

22 replies
  1. Charly Wolfson
    Charly Wolfson says:

    Just a tip… Don't watch this after you just finished watching The Blacklist… 🙂 I only saw 1 and a half episode and must say, I love the vibe and the acting though! And Tony of course! Maybe I'll come back in a few months if the blacklist is digested 🙂

  2. Tomato
    Tomato says:

    unlike most of the detective shows, this was well made. it had enough humour, suspense and drama going on without being too cliche. when is this show coming back?

  3. Linh Ngô
    Linh Ngô says:

    Does anyone know when the second season will be released? I searched all over the Internet and they said it was scheduled to be released in Sept 17, 2021. It's Oct 2021 now and the serie isn't out yet.

  4. Hristo Radoev
    Hristo Radoev says:

    Every episode of this garbage:
    "I think your new girlfriend/boyfriend you met 2 days ago is the killer"
    "WHAT? Are you crazy, family member/friend of many years? There's no way… I love them and you just don't want me to be happy!
    “I'm gonna prove it"
    * proves it *

  5. ProbsNoOneYouKnow TBH
    ProbsNoOneYouKnow TBH says:

    This show actually wasn't bad. Oh sure the plots weren't that deep but it seemed like it was going somewhere at the end of the season and it was funny and entertaining and you know what it was kind of unique. I guess its main failing was not enough pron and gratuitous violence to entertain the masses?


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