The Ice Road | Official Trailer | Netflix

After the collapse of a diamond mine in northern Canada, ice road truckers (Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne) race against the clock, before the ice thaws and the miners are trapped. Will they make it in time and intact?

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The Ice Road | Official Trailer | Netflix

To save a team of miners trapped underground, a down-on-his-luck ice road trucker joins a mission across treacherous terrain to deliver rescue equipment.

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  1. jaybaby
    jaybaby says:

    Was it a great movie, not really but I watched anyway ….for Liam..the guy chasing them seem to have 9 lives dude wasn’t giving up…I have no clue about trailers, but it kept reminding me of Transformers

  2. Terry Manuatu
    Terry Manuatu says:

    Shit movie. For a mission drive that was time critical, they stopped and paused too many times for no other reason than to manufacture useless dialigue or create meaningless drama. They were over the bridge FFS! Why stop to watch it collapse when your brother is fast running out of air?? Brain fart of a scene.

  3. Marvin John
    Marvin John says:

    I thought they’d nvr stop runnin to the truck n the bad guy actually reached 1st but the director pulled him bk out.the cave in during the convo an the fight scenes was unrealistic n frustrating.The movie felt like a drag n low budget (wiv the script writers mostly)

  4. MegaTaurus777
    MegaTaurus777 says:

    Ok I just watched this movie,sure its 'glammed' up,but it was kind of believable if you know nothing about trucks,which includes me,if any one out there could tell me who watched it,the scene where they upright the 2 trucks lying on their side is this possible? Would love to know tia

  5. Maria Martínez
    Maria Martínez says:

    There is so much happening in this movie and I am here for it haha. I started watching with no expectations. I just saw Liam and new that it was gonna be about some punches and hectic action, so I just new it had to be good. I ended up very surprised by how the movie got 100% of my attention from start to end. It didn't dissapoint, it was very entertaining.


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